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AUO's UHD 4K Smartphone Display Makes Debut at SID Display Week (2015.06.01)
Leads to demonstrate ultra high resolution car displays
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) announced today that it will participate in SID Display Week 2015 to be held from June 2 to 4 in San Jose, USA. AUO will debut 6-inch UHD 4K (2160 x 3840) ultra high resolution smartphone display. With its ultra high pixel density wide color gamut and high contrast ratio technologies, AUO leads mobile devices into the era of UHD 4K ultra high image quality.

Exhibition highlights also include UHD 4K ultra high resolution displays for notebook PCs, oTP-Lite (on-cell) touch panel, in-cell touch panel, ultra high resolution display for instrument cluster, transflective LCDs that are power-saving and readable in the outdoors, AMOLED for wearable devices, and in-cell touch AMOLED.

AUO's 6-inch UHD 4K ultra high resolution LCD for smartphone.
AUO's 17.3-inch UHD 4K ultra high resolution LCD for notebook PC.
AUO's 15.6-inch oTP-Lite touch panel.
AUO’s 3.5-inch flexible LCD.

UHD 4K Displays for Mobile Devices Exceeding Image Quality Limits

Ultra high resolution mobile devices have become a prominent trend. AUO introduces its leading UHD 4K display technology to smartphone and notebook PC displays, making UHD 4K displays the new parameter for high-end mobile devices. AUO's 6-inch UHD 4K ultra high resolution smartphone display with ultra high pixel density of 737 PPI is showcased for the first time. The display incorporates wide color gamut, high contrast ratio, and high brightness altogether. When 4K videos are played, colors are more vividly rendered, while figures and objects stand out even more three-dimensionally to deliver impressive images with extreme details and authenticity.

In terms of high-end notebook PC applications, AUO launches 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch UHD 4K ultra high resolution displays with wide color gamut and high contrast ratio to present colors in more precision, meeting the demand for professional graphic designing and audio-video gaming. AUO's 17.3-inch UHD 4K ultra high resolution display for notebook PC has a high pixel density of 255 PPI and high color saturation of 100% Adobe RGB. Equipped with AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) technology, the display boasts impeccable colors and details when examined from every angle. Its image quality is comparable to that of professional desktop monitor display.

Upgraded Integrated Touch Panels Providing Optimal Solutions

For integrated touch solutions, AUO presents 12.5-inch and 15.6-inch oTP-Lite touch panels. Without the presence of the cover lens, the oTP-Lite is suitable for even slimmer devices, demonstrating high integration and production efficiency to offer the optimal solution for touch notebook PCs. AUO also exhibits 5-inch self-capacitance in-cell touch panel employing a-Si process technology. The self-capacitance technology makes the touch panel more water resistant and reduces touch inaccuracy, so that spill-proof and glove-friendly features are achieved for users to operate conveniently in all sorts of environment.

Ultra High Resolution Car Displays Addressing High Standard Demands of Smart Car Systems

With regard to the automotive before-market applications, AUO again demonstrates its manufacturing and technological capabilities on high-end car displays. AUO's 12.3-inch LCD boasts a resolution of 2880 x 1080 and is the world's highest resolution(*) display for instrument cluster. The display is capable of showing all types of vehicle information to clearly improve readability with higher precision, while maintaining high stability under extreme weather conditions, in compliance with the rigid requirement for quality and performance on digital cluster displays. As vehicle information and entertainment systems progressively integrate with mobile devices, the demand for car displays has flourished. AUO exhibits 8 and 10.1-inch HD resolution LCD panels for center information display. In addition, 8-inch WVGA LCD combines oTP and full lamination technologies to obtain low reflection and excellent touch performance, supporting operation with gloves.

Ultra Power-saving Display Technologies for More Operating Hours on Wearable Devices

To fulfill the demand for wearable devices with lower power consumption and readability in the outdoors, AUO exhibits 1.3-inch and 2.6-inch transflective LCDs. Based on the lighting conditions, transflective LCDs transmit backlighting and reflect ambient light to display images. Impressive image quality can be maintained in both the outdoors and indoors, and the image is still intelligible under strong light while saving more power. 1.3-inch transflective LTPS display adopts memory-in-pixel (MIP) technology to retain the image with the pixel's built-in memory. Therefore, the display can achieve ultra-low power consumption and only requires 1.7% of power consumed by conventional LCD when static images are displayed.

Not only AMOLED boasts wide color gamut, high contrast and high brightness, its slim and power-saving features also serve as the best choice for smart watches. In addition to the 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display that has been successfully mass produced, AUO also demonstrates 1.3-inch full-circle AMOLED display on a plastic substrate. The panel thickness is less than 0.25mm.

In terms of advanced technologies, AUO demonstrates 4.3-inch Full HD ultra thin LTPS display, which is the world’s slimmest(*) LTPS display with thickness of less than 0.92mm. 3.5-inch flexible AHVA LCD adopts plastic substrate and has a curvature of 44mm, which is currently the highest curvature(*) among LCDs.

During SID's Display Week, a total of 23 conference papers by AUO were selected and published, among which a paper titled “Novel Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Display Applying Wall-Electrode and High Driving Voltage Circuit” was honored with the Distinguished Paper Award. The study probed into the unique LCD pixel and electrode design to significantly increase the transmittance of blue phase LCD. Special polymer is used to increase stability and enhance performance for high contrast and wide viewing angle. The outstanding achievements in this year's SID Display Week again punctuate AUO's long-term leading position in the development of advanced display technologies.

* Based on the available market research information as of June 1, 2015.