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AUO Launches New Lineup of ALCD TV Panels at Touch Taiwan 2015 (2015.08.25)
The world’s slimmest(*) UHD 4K LCD TV panel makes its debut

With the exhibition theme of “Advanced LCD Technology for Amazing Viewing Experience”, AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) will participate in Touch Taiwan 2015 (Int’l Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibition) from August 26 to 28. The complete series of ALCD TV displays will be showcased, incorporating numerous pioneering display technologies, along with the world’s slimmest(*) UHD 4K LCD TV panel making its debut to show off perfectly rendered images with exquisite details and colors.

AUO ALCD TV displays integrate UHD 4K, curved design, quantum dot wide color gamut, and HDR.
AUO exhibits UHD 4K LCD TV panel with the thickness of merely 4.7mm.
AUO’s 55-inch Full HD ultra high brightness display is designed for vending machine application.

AUO will also demonstrate pubic information display solutions applied in diverse scenarios such as stations, the outdoors and retailers. Ultra-wide curved monitor displays, ultra-thin power-saving wearable displays, UHD 4K ultra high resolution mobile device displays, integrated touch solutions, and ultra high resolution car displays are also among the exhibition highlights.

AUO ALCD Technology - A Breakthrough of LCD TV Image Quality
AUO exceeds current technological specifications for LCD TVs to integrate UHD 4K ultra high resolution, curved design, quantum dot wide color gamut, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technologies to create the ALCD technology, delivering image quality comparable to that of AMOLED displays.

AUO will exhibit a complete series of 55, 65 and 85-inch ALCD TV display. The 4000R golden curvature mimics the curvature of the human eye to create an exceptionally immersive viewing experience with its free viewing angle. The next-generation quantum dot wide color gamut technology is adopted, and the design of the panels has been adjusted in accordance with the properties of quantum dots to perform its best in colors, with the color saturation exceeding NTSC 100%. ALCD TV displays are capable of showing even more precise colors, capturing rich layers of image depth down to the tiniest bit. Meanwhile the color gamut specification fulfills the latest UHD 4K LCD TV standards defined by international standardizations. For backlight module design, the ALCD TV displays have applied HDR technology. The backlight can be controlled in zones to achieve higher contrast through local dimming. Images are depicted in more details against dark backgrounds and present more color depth, resembling more of what human eye can see in the real world. Coupled with AUO’s ultra-slim direct LED backlight module, the panel thickness has been greatly reduced to merely 15mm, meeting the stylish trends for slim and light designs.

The Slimmest(*) UHD 4K LCD TV Panel Debuts to Break World Record
AUO will exhibit the ultra-slim 65-inch UHD 4K LCD TV panel for the first time. It has the thickness of merely 4.7mm and is currently the world’s slimmest(*) UHD 4K LCD TV panel. AUO replaces conventional plastic light guide plates with glass light guide plates. The higher glass hardness can simplify the panel structure. As a result, the module thickness is significantly reduced and a super sleek and clean back cover design is achieved. Combined with AUO’s GOA (Gate on Array) technology to lower the number of display drive ICs, the ultimate combination of edge-to-edge design and super narrow bezel lends an even classier look to the LCD TV.

Pubic Information Display Solutions to Fulfill Diverse User Demands
To support easier display of diverse information and content in all sorts of daily life scenarios, AUO presents public information displays with ultra high brightness, dual sides, low reflection, water and dust-proof features suitable for stations, mass transportation service, merchandises, dining, drive-thru, and all lines of businesses. The 65-inch Full HD ultra high brightness display boasts the ultra high brightness of 2500 nits and can be used for outdoor signages. It is capable of showing bright and sharp images under direct sunlight. AUO will also demonstrate 55-inch ultra high brightness display for vending machine for the first time. The high resolution display can showcase diverse product information clearly. The interactive touch design makes shopping a lot more fun for consumers and provides customized product information to greatly enhance convenience in shopping.

AUO’s 46-inch full HD waterproof display has met the standards of International Protection Marking. The display is dust-proof and resistant to high pressure water jets, fit for point of sale (POS) systems at semi-outdoor drive-thru restaurants. AUO will also exhibit public information displays that carry travel information to provide passengers with clear train schedules and advertisements, including the 38-inch ultra wide bar display designed for passenger cars with limited space, and 32-inch full HD high brightness display which can be installed indoors at metro stations or outdoors at bus stops.

To address professional demands such as audio-video gaming, image designing and video processing, AUO has developed various types of professional monitor displays, including the 35-inch ultra wide curved LCD for desktop monitor with the world’s highest 2000R curvature(*), and 27 and 32-inch UHD 4K edge-to-edge monitor displays with 100% Adobe RGB wide color gamut to manifest extremely fine images with delicate details and true colors.

FPD International Taiwan 2015 Seminar will be held concurrently with the exhibition. AUO Chairman & President Mr. Paul SL Peng will deliver a keynote speech titled “New Competition of Display Industry” on August 26. Mr. Wei-Lung Liau, AUO’s Vice President of Video Solutions Technology Unit will also speak on the topic of “The Technological Trends of Large-sized Displays”. We cordially welcome you to visit us at Touch Taiwan 2015 to enjoy a visual feast realized by AUO’s leading technologies and innovative products.

* Based on the available market research information as of August 25, 2015.