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AUO Display Technical Papers Shine at SID Display Week 2016 (2016.05.25)
Advanced AMOLED technologies shaping future display applications acknowledged at SID Display Week Symposium

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) announced today that the Company’s eleven papers are selected by SID's 2016 Display Week Symposium for oral paper presentations. In particular, a paper titled “Flexible AMOLED Displays with a Bending Interactive Interface” is honored with the Distinguished Paper Award, and another titled “A True Circular 1.39-in. AMOLED for Wearable Applications” is acknowledged as Invited Paper, demonstrating again AUO’s solid R&D strength and the manufacturing capability to turn advanced technologies into actual products.

Each year, SID's Display Week Symposium gathers speakers worldwide for selected paper presentations covering display technology related fields. Out of AUO’s eleven papers selected this year, several AMOLED technologies have become the main focus, including AMOLED for wearable applications and flexible AMOLED development centering on bendable and foldable displays, revealing the future trends of AMOLED applications.

The Distinguished Paper “Flexible AMOLED Displays with a Bending Interactive Interface” explores AUO’s advanced bendable AMOLED technology achieved by adopting plastic substrate processing. Integrating a specially designed sensor, users can bend the panel intuitively to manipulate the size and direction of the display active area. Different from conventional touch functions, the bendable panel has created a whole new mode for displays’ operation interface and human-device interaction.

The Invited Paper titled “A True Circular 1.39-in. AMOLED for Wearable Applications” addresses the 2015 SID Best in Show Award-winning AMOLED display combining a true circular display active area, super slim border, high resolution and low power consumption features altogether. AUO is the leading panel manufacturer(*) to have successfully mass produced full-circle AMOLED display and has developed a full series of full-circle and square-shaped AMOLED displays for smartwatch applications that resemble more than ever to classic urban style wrist watches, meeting the trend for wearable devices to be chic and stylish.

Other selected AMOLED papers such as flexible AMOLED display, novel thin-film-encapsulation structure for AMOLED display, and ultra durable and foldable AMOLED display further investigate the development of next-generation AMOLED technologies, opening up brand new frontiers for AMOLED applications.

* Based on the available market research information as of May 25, 2016.