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AU Optronics Exhibits Whole New Series of Innovative Technologies and Products at Display Taiwan 2009 (2009.06.09)
AUO to debut 52" touch-function PID for first time ever
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) will introduce its latest technologies and products at Display Taiwan 2009 (June 10-12 in Taipei, Taiwan). AUO will showcase featured products in various applications, including 52-inch touch function display, 52-inch "Eco Plus" and 46-inch Ultra Slim (only 9.8mm) Full HD TV green panels, 16:9 LED backlight panels for monitor and notebook applications and Public Information Display (PID). 

AUO exhibits 52-inch touch-function PID through the scenario of purchasing movie tickets and ordering drinks and meals, which would bring a whole new experience to people


The theme of AUO’s exhibition this year is "Connected to Digital Evolution", AUO’s goal is to bring more interactive experiences and delightful digital lifestyles to consumers by leveraging its innovative technologies. 

"There will be two major trends in digital lifestyles. One is products with superior values, like AUO’s ultra-slim green panels, which assist our customers in providing must-buy products with best cost / performance ratio to consumers. The other is products offering whole new user experiences, such as innovative technologies like AUO’s 3D, touch panel and eBook that aim to provide consumers with total visual impacts," said Dr. L.J. Chen, President and CEO of AUO. 

The exhibition area is divided into nine sections, including PID applications, green panels, advanced technology for Large-sized LCD, LCD TV applications, monitor applications, notebook PC applications, 3D displays, leading mobile technologies and in-cell multi-touch panels. 

PID Section – First time ever to showcase 52-inch touch-function PID 

  • 65-inch Full HD portrait LCD, with high brightness at 1500 nits, perfect for outdoor commercial display.
  • 52-inch touch-function display, an ideal solution in meeting diversified needs of PIDs. Taking going movie as an example, PID with touch function would bring a whole new experience to people when purchasing tickets as well as ordering drinks and meals.

  • LCD TV applications – To showcase 52-inch "Eco Plus" large-sized green panel 

  • 52-inch “Eco-Plus” panel: reduced by more than 30% in weight, thickness, and power-consumption than conventional panels.
  • 46-inch Ultra-slim TV panel is equipped with LED backlight, providing a thinner profile (only 9.8mm) and reduced energy consumption, an ideal panel choice for chic design and eco-friendliness.
  • 55-inch “Eco” panel, consumes 42% less power than conventional panel.
  • A series of Full HD panels, ranging from 46-inch to 65-inch, with 5000:1 contrast ratio and empowered by 120Hz MEMC technology.

  • Monitor and Notebook PC applications-all 16:9 with LED backlight 

  • A series of 16:9 power-saving monitors in 18.5-inch, 21.5-inch and 24-inch sizes, featuring stylish design with thickness less than 1cm. 
  • 13.3-inch, 14-inch and 15.6-inch ultra-slim notebook panels achieved thickness to only 3.6-3.8mm and weight only 290g in the lightest model, an ideal choice to go with CULV processor. AUO accounts for 50% worldwide market share for this type of particular model. 

  • AUO cordially invites you to personally experience its dynamics to display revolution at Display Taiwan 2009 and will host technology introduction sessions and raffle games at its booth during the exhibition.

    AUO Technology and Product Highlights in Display Taiwan 2009


    Public Information Display
    Technology Size/model Features
    Public Information Display 65" 3D Fix barrier glasses-free 3D with 12 views
    65" high brightness 4000:1 high contrast ratio / high brightness 1500 nits
    52" touch-function On-cell touch
    Advanced Technology
    Technology Size/model Features
    AMVA3 46" Full HD 8000:1 contrast ratio
    3D Display 17" Glasses-free/high brightness/ brightness increased by 60%
    Eco Plus TV panel 52" Full HD Reduced by more than 30% in weight, thickness, and power-consumption
    Product Applications
    Technology Size/model Features
    Full HD LCD TV 65" Full HD Glare/ 120Hz/ MEMC/High contrast ratio
    55" Full HD
    52" Full HD
    46" Full HD
    16:9 wide-screen monitor (MoniTV) 24" W Full HD 16:9 wide-screen/ LED backlight/ less than1cm in thickness
    21.5" W Full HD
    18.5" W HD
    LED backlight notebook panels 15.6" HD 16:9/WLED/ultra-slim
    14" HD
    13.3" HD
    Mobile Technologies
    Technology Size/model Features
    Curved display 8.9" curved radius: R120mm
    eBook 6" Touch-function/ 800x600 HD/16 grey levels 
    QVGA 2.8" image/fingerprint scanner
    Borderless 2.2" Slim border + Fresnel lens
    Ultra thin 1.9" Only 0.56mm
    In-Cell Multi-Touch Section
    Technology Size/model Features
    In-Cell Multi-Touch Section 3"~12.1" For mobile and IT applications. Better transmittance, anti-glare performance, and optical features