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AU Optronics Unveils 5000:1 Ultra High Static Contrast Ratio LCD TV Technology (2007.10.16)
The latest commercialized LCD TV technologies meet the trends of thinner, lighter designs; power-saving; and environmental protection
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today introduced its advanced commercialized LCD TV technologies, strengthening its pioneering role as the industry technology innovator. In response to the current concerns regarding a greener environment, AUO’s newly launched TV technologies not only demonstrate ultra-high contrast ratio, and thinner, lighter and power-saving technologies, but also show AUO’s commitment to being a global corporate citizen. 

AUO’s advanced LCD TV technologies will be demonstrated at FPD International 2007, from October 24 to October 26, in Yokohama Japan. 

The third generation of AMVA technology -reaching 5000:1 ultra-high static contrast ratio to enhance dimmer image performance 

Following successful launches of the 1200:1 contrast ratio AMVA technology in 2005, and the 2500:1 contrast ratio AMVA technology in 2006, AUO today introduced its 5000:1 ultra-high static contrast ratio AMVA technology, by implementing new bump-less pixel design, optimized color resist, and integrated backlight structure and optical film. This ultra high contrast ratio technology not only can enhance dimmer image performance in large-sized panels, but it can also maintain features of high transmittance, low color washout and a wide viewing angle. Although LED-backlit LCD TV panels have better dynamic contrast ratio performance, LED-backlit LCD TV panels in reality have not been widely popularized and started into major mass production yet. Thus, AUO’s newly-launched 5000:1 contrast ratio AMVA technology with CCFL backlight is on the top of the static contrast ratio ranking. 

Soon-to-be-mass produced 20 mm TV module - featuring ultra-slim and extra-light designs and fulfilling simple but stylish product trend 

By means of new film combination design, AUO has successfully developed ultra-slim and extra-light LCD TV technology to fully meet the TV market trend. This new TV technology is able to successfully prevent lamp-mura issues, thus maintaining original brightness and significantly reducing module thickness without changing the amount of CCFL used for the backlight. Taking a 32-inch LCD TV panel as an example, AUO is able to shrink the size of the module from 32.5 mm thick to 20 mm and reduce the total weight by 2 kilograms. 

So far, AUO has successfully developed a serial of ultra thin LCD TV panels, including the mainstream sizes of 32-, 37- and 42-inches. In addition, the newly launched ultra-slim and extra-light TV technology is expected to start mass production in Q1 2008 and can be applied to all LCD TV panels. 

The latest eco-LCD TV technology, saving up to 50% in power consumption 

Taking global warming seriously, AUO has developed its latest eco-LCD TV technology with energy-saving and environmental protection features by optimizing and improving the CCFL backlight design. Taking a 32-inch LCD TV panel as an example, AUO is able to reduce power consumption by up to 50% and yet retain the 500 nits brightness and 3000:1 high contrast ratio, even providing better image quality performance than traditional LCD TV panels. If every household watched television for six hours per day, the electric power consumption would save 158 kilowatt hour per household per year, and save more than 109 kilograms of CO2 into the air. AUO’s newly-introduced eco-LCD TV technology is scheduled to start mass production in Q1 2008. 

“In terms of large-sized TFT-LCD technology development, in addition to continuously enhancing our current LCD TV technologies - Advanced MVA (AMVA) technology with low color washout and high contrast ratio; AUO Simulated Pulsed Driving (ASPD) technology to solve blurred motion problem; HiColor technology to achieve over 100% color saturation; and AUO Picture Enhancer (APE) technology with clear depth of image, we have been aware of the importance of energy-saving and environmental protection,” said Dr. BD Liu, Vice President of AUO Technology Center. “AUO Technology Center has implemented green concepts into the R&D process so as to not only enhance product efficiency and practice eco-design, but also to provide clientele high value-added products.” 

Other AUO advanced technologies will also be demonstrated at FPD International 2007 including AUO’s new generation of HiColor technology. By adding the Multi Primary Color technology, the gamut of display covers more yellow and cyan than conventional RGB displays, which results in excellent color performance, particularly for colors of sky, lake and metal.