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AU Optronics Unveils Industry-leading Technology for Mobile Devices Applications (2007.06.07)
Hsinchu, Taiwan,


- The world’s slimmest border: 0.9mm 
- The world’s highest contrast ratio: 2100:1 

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today unveiled two breakthrough technologies for mobile device applications: a 2.2” transflective panel with the world’s slimmest border of 0.9mm*1 and a 2.7” panel with the world’s highest contrast ratio of 2100:1*2. These latest technologies, along with other small- and medium-sized TFT-LCD technologies, will be showcased at Display Taiwan 2007, from June 13 to June 15, in Taipei. 

In terms of mobile devices applications, due to the increasing needs of high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle, the border width for small-sized panel is becoming increasingly important. AUO’s 2.2” mobile device TFT-LCD possesses the world’s slimmest border of 0.9mm on both the right and left sides. This is a half size smaller than current products on the market today. In addition, the upper side border width can be reduced to merely 1.2mm. With this much slimmer border design, AUO’s 2.2” mobile device TFT-LCD can increase the active area and enhance the image sleekness; yet still maintain the same high quality resolution and excellent display quality performance. 

In addition, as multimedia playing functions in portable electronic devices are becoming more and more popular, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle are becoming essential features for small-sized displays. By using novel domains-forming technology along with specific pixel structure design, AUO’s AMVA-mobile technology is able to maintain stable liquid crystal molecular directions, prevent press mura, and provide higher transmittance. Also, by utilizing leading Multi-domain Vertical Alignment design, the AMVA-mobile technology effectively restrains dark state light leakage and increases the aperture ratio, resulting in a higher contrast ratio of up to 2100:1. Also, AUO AMVA-mobile technology has been successfully applied on 2.7” mobile QVGA resolution mobile displays to fulfill the needs of video calls and movie-playing. 

“The arrival of the 3G era accelerates mobile handsets to become lighter, thinner, brighter, more elegant and more interactive human-interfaced. To enhance contrast ratio and improve motion blur is also crucial for mobile devices displays,” said Dr. CT Liu, AUO Vice President & GM of Consumer Product Display Operations. Thus, AUO has successfully implemented large-sized TFT-LCD technologies to small- and medium-sized displays, including AMVA-mobile technology, ASPD-mobile technology and APE-mobile technology. 

AUO AMVA-mobile technology provides features of high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle, hence being able to offer clear image quality on GPS. ASPD-mobile technology can improve response time to 4ms gray-to-gray for the enjoyment of playing handheld video games. APE-mobile technology can enhance the image contrast and reduce system power up to 50% and maintain image luminance. Dr. Liu further stated that in the future, these mobile device-exclusive technologies will be the competitive niche for AUO in the consumer electronics and mobile phone markets. 

*1According to the available market research information as of June 7, 2007. 
*2According to the available market research information as of June 7, 2007.