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AU Optronics to Signify New Direction of Technology and Products, with Full Range of Panel Sizes at FPD International 2006 (2006.10.17)
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) is scheduled to participate in the FPD International 2006 exhibition in Yokohama, Japan from October 18th to October 20th, introducing its latest products and technologies. AUO will be showcasing its latest TFT-LCD innovations, including Advanced MVA (AMVA) technology with low color washout and super high contrast ratio of 2500:1; HiColor technology with the achievement of high color saturation; AUO Simulated Pulsed Driving (ASPD) technology with the solution of blurred motion problem; and AUO Picture Enhancer (APE) technology featuring natural color images and clear depth of view. 

On the agenda for large-sized panel applications, LCD TVs and Desktop PC monitors in wide format with completely new "MoniTV" concept as well as power-saving and environmentally-friendly LED backlight module will be on display. For small to medium- sized products and technologies, the main limelight will be placed on audio-video display as well as mobile phone applications, with the features of high resolution, wide viewing angle, light weight and lower power consumption. 

AUO's technologies displayed at FPD International 2006 

During the exhibition, AUO's showcase area will include "TV Technology" and "Mobile Technology" sections. In the "TV Technology" section, in addition to the advanced version of four key technologies for High Definition TV (HDTV), AUO will be demonstrating some pioneering innovations, including: Full HD LCD at 120Hz frame rate to reduce motion blur images and reach a CRT-like quality image in motion picture response time at 4ms equivalent gray to gray; AMVA Alternate Frame technology to achieve super wide viewing angle and improve color washout problem; APE technology showcased by means of 37" TV panels to enhance the contrast ratio to above 10,000:1 and save up to 50% in power consumption by utilizing LED backlight to control luminance depth and range. 

In the "Mobile Technology" section, the products and technologies that will be displayed include: ATR-MVA (Advanced Transflective MVA) technology showcased to the public for the first time by means of 4" LTPS panels emphasize sunlight readability and super wide viewing angle, which provides an optimum solution for mobile device applications; APE technology displayed in 2.2" mobile phone panels to achieve a high contrast ratio of 14,000:1 and save up to 45% in power consumption; a new self-developed 1.9"mobile phone panel with a super slim 1.3mm module thickness; and the 180-gram easily-carried 12.1" notebook PC panel, equipped with the advanced 0.2mm thin glass substrate technology and white-LED backlight. 

AUO's exhibits demonstrate the mainstream products in 2007: 
Large-sized products will place emphasis on AMVA technology with super wide viewing angle, HiColor technology with the achievement of color saturation, and ASPD technology with great motion picture quality; while medium-small sized- products will focus on high resolution and wide viewing angle. 

LCD TV panel products have been largely equipped with AMVA technology, featuring wide viewing angle and high contrast ratio above 1200:1. With AMVA technology, Full HDTV can achieve the contrast ratio of 1500:1.
AUO unveils the completely new "MoniTV" concept for its Desktop PC Monitor products. Following the market demand of wide screen and larger-sized panel, AUO's Desktop PC TFT-LCD specified with Full HD high resolution and AMVA technology can be applied to home TV! At present, AUO's 26" and 24" wide screen panels equipped with AMVA technology with wide viewing angle, HiColor technology with the achievement of color saturation, and ASPD technology with the solution of blurred motion problem, are appropriate choices for MoniTV applications. Additionally, the 19"panel with CCFL can reach 92% NTSC while the 20.1" panel with LED can raise the color gamut to 105% NTSC standard.
As for Notebook PC products, future demand will continue to focus on wide screens. Meanwhile, high-level products will begin to pursue the same-level equipment as LCD TVs', aiming to demonstrate the equivalent high-qualified characteristics. Also, Notebook PC products will be equipped with HiColor technology to reach 92% NTSC, or environmentally-friendly white-LED backlight module.
High resolution and wide viewing angle will be basic equipment for high-level mobile phone panels.

AUO's products showcased at FPD International 2006 

 LCD TVs AUO will display its LCD TV panels from the size of 26" to 42", whereas the 32" to 42" panels are all equipped with AMVA technology and the 37" to 42" panels are applied to both WXGA (1366x768) and Full HDTV (1920x1080) specifications. Significantly, the Full HDTV has advantages of high contrast ratio of 1500:1 and low color washout.
 Desktop PC Monitors AUO will display its 20.1", 22", 24" and 26" wide screen panels, whereas the 26" Full HD panel has been installed with AMVA and HiColor technologies, featuring high contrast ratio of above 2000:1, low color washout and 92% NTSC. The 24" Full HD panel has been equipped with AMVA and ASPD technologies with the achievement of high contrast ratio of 1000:1, and same-level motion picture response time as LCD TVs'. Both 24"and 26" Full HD panels are AUO's latest launched MoniTV applications.
Notebook PCs AUO will display its notebook PC panels of 7", 12.1", 15.4" and 17" in wide screen formats. The 17" WXGA+ (1440 x 900) panel is specified with characteristics at 350 nits high brightness, 700:1 high contrast ratio, 8ms response time and 92% NTSC. The 12.1" WXGA panel with the weight of merely 200g adopts mercury-free white -LED backlight module. In addition, the 7" WXGA panel equipped with white-backlight module is the next choice for Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC).
 Mobile Phones AUO will display mobile phone panels ranged from 1.8"to 2.8", including transmissive, transflective and LTPS panels, all with QVGA high resolution (240 R.G.B. x 320). The high-resolution 2.4" LTPS QVGA display is specified with wide viewing angle and supports up to 16.7 million colors, while the 1.8" transflective LTPS QVGA panel has the superior high pixel density of 230ppi.