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AU Optronics to Exhibit its Latest Technologies and Wide-Range Display Products at FPD International 2004, Yokohama, Japan (2004.10.19)
Hsinchu, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corporation ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO), will exhibit its latest technical achievements in flat panel display technologies and a wide range of flat panel products at FPD International 2004, a leading International Exhibition and Seminar on Flat Panel Display, to be held in Yokohama, Japan from October 20th through October 22nd 2004. At this year's FPD International, AU Optronics will devote an entire section to highlight its remarkable technology achievement, in addition to its product section, where a wide range of AUO's latest technologically innovative display products will be showcased. Highlights at the technology section include AUO's below-5ms fast response time technology for LCD TVs, the world's first double-sided Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Device ("OLED"), Low Temperature Poly-Silicon ("LTPS") products with PMOS manufacturing process, and displays with LED backlight that offer ultra high color saturation. On the display product section, a wide collection of TFT-LCD display modules from 1.5" to 46" in sizes will be showcased, offering a full line of key solutions for communications, consumer, computing and industrial devices for an ever-enriching digital lifestyle.

Advanced Display Technology:

AUO Technology Center demonstrates its leadership and innovation in flat panel research and development capabilities, including its less-than-5ms fast response time technology in 32" WXGA (1366x768) panel enabled with wide viewing angle for LCD TV, the world's first ever full color OLED panel that can display distinctive images on both sides, and LCD TV panels that uses LED light source with NTSC 100% color saturation. In addition, AUO unveils its newly developed Optically Compensated Bend ("OCB") LCD panel, with enhanced viewing angles and fast response time, as well as its major R&D breakthrough in LTPS display, manufactured with PMOS process that requires only six masks which drastically reduces manufacturing costs. Also showcased is AUO's Vertical Aligned Transflective panel for wide-view angle notebook application, which allows for clear viewing even under direct sunlight. Such advanced technologies are a clear demonstration of AUO's continuous focus to combine advanced flat panel display technologies into real life.

LCD TV Application:

In the highly anticipated LCD TV segment, AUO debuts a 26"W display panel with 800:1 contrast, further enhanced viewing angle with premium MVA, and U-type backlight, in addition to its 32", 37", and 46" wide aspect ratio displays. As the U-type backlight has higher efficiency in light emission, power consumption and heat diffusion, it is expected to become the mainstream backlight design for LCD TV applications; AUO is scheduled to commercialize such design in this quarter.

Desktop Monitor Application:

In the Desktop display segment, AUO continues to demonstrate its leadership in fast response time technology with a record 8 ms capability that has been commercialized in 17" production since September 2004, following its success in 16ms (May 2002) and 12ms (December 2003). In addition, AUO is offering a series of wide aspect ratio displays to meet rising demand from multimedia monitor applications. The new wide screen solutions include a 23" WUXGA display module using LED backlight with 100% NTSC color saturation and 1920x1200 resolution, a 20.1" WSXGA display module with U-type backlight that offers 1680x1050 high resolution, wide viewing angle, 450 nits brightness and 800:1 contrast ratio.

Notebook PC Application:

For notebook PC applications, AUO is showcasing various display sizes from 12.1" to 17" with wide aspect ratio. One of the newly developed 17"W displays offers high 350 nits brightness, 400:1 high contrast, and 16ms response time, such superior performance not only enables higher processing efficiency, but significantly enhances the entertainment features for notebook PC applications. Following its worldwide leadership in 12.1”W notebook panels, AUO's new 14" glare-type wide format solution features 200 nits brightness and 300:1 high contrast ratio.

Audio-Video Display Application:

In the small/medium display segment, audience will see AUO's most dazzling new product -- a 2.5" LTPS TFT-LCD display designed for digital camera. In addition to its leading smart integration technology, AUO's 960x240 resolution nearly doubles that of amorphous TFT-LCD display and outperforms almost all competing products in the same category. We expect the 2.5" and high resolution requirement to become the future mainstream features of digital camera displays. For the fast growing color handset markets, AUO is showcasing its full range of product lines, including LTPS, Transflective, and Active Matrix OLED displays. AUO also unveils its 1.8" dual-display TFT LCD module whose 176x220 resolution and slim/lightweight designs outperform all competing products in the same category, making it an ideal solution for clam-shell handset products.

On top of the grand exhibition of latest products and technology achievement, Dr. Po-Yen Lu, AUO's Executive Vice President, is invited to present in the FPD Global Summit on the 20th of October. Dr. Hui Hsiung, another Executive Vice President of AUO, will also present in a seminar on the 21st of October to discuss AUO's business and technology development strategies in the flat panel display industry, "How to Enrich Digital Lifestyle with Optronic Innovations."