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Continuous Development in Backlight Source: AU Optronics Announces Successful Application of LED Backlight Technology over 46" TV Panel (2004.10.18)
Hsinchu, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corporation ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) recently and successfully applied LED backlight module over 46" TV panels, which technology is scheduled to be displayed during the upcoming FPD International 2004 on the 20th of this month at Yokohama Japan. This is also the world's largest TV panel ever applied with LED backlight module.

In order to challenge the ultimate performance of color saturation on flat panel display, AUO Technology Center ("ATC") established research teams specializing in chromatics and optic mechanism. In particular, the future technology trend of new light source is to replace the CCFL with LED. Unlike CCFL or the conventional picture tube, LED offers a much purer light source and is currently the only option to get beyond NTSC 100% color saturation.

AUO's 46" TV panel with LED backlight module to be exhibited provides high contrast ratio at 900:1 and high color saturation around NTSC 100%. By blending the three primary color RGB, the backlight module offers the true natural performance of Red, Green and Blue. Another model developed by the R&D team during the short period of half a year is the 32"TV panel with LED backlight, which gives out high color saturation for more than NTSC 100% and superior contrast ratio at 1000:1. AUO's Executive Vice President, Dr. Poyen Lu, greatly admires the color saturation offered by the LED backlight module. He stated: "Such type of color performance had never been experienced before, which completely overthrown the definition of color on the display. AUO Technology Center is willing to invest both manpower and funds into this arena to seek for an outstanding level on color image."

AUO has successfully commercialized the LED backlight module technology. The 23" WUXGA monitor display with LED backlight possesses high color saturation at NTSC 100%, wide viewing angle and high resolution at 1920x1200. This model is expected to start mass production towards the end of this year, a high-end display product targeting individual players and image processing professionals.

Apart from LED, AUO is also actively involved in the development of other light source technologies, such as EEFL (External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp). Comparing the EEFL light source with the conventional CCFL module; it is easier to assemble and with a simpler inverter design, which reduces cost and thereby serves as one of the many options among the light source technologies. AUO will also be displaying a 32" EEFL backlight TV panel successfully developed by it at the FPD International 2004 in Japan.