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AU Optronics to Signify New Movement of Technology and Products, with Full Range of Panel Sizes at The FPD Taiwan 2006 (2006.06.12)
Hsinchu, Taiwan,


AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) schedules to participate in The FPD Taiwan 2006 in Taipei from June 14 to June 16, introducing its latest products and technologies. With this year's focus on LCD TV technology, AUO will be showcasing its new-generation of LCD TV panels with the focused features of low color washout, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, sharpness, wide color gamut and vivid color performance. On the agenda, for large-sized panel applications, LCD TVs and Desktop PC monitors in wide format and featured new AMVA technology will be on display. For medium-small sized products, the main limelight will be placed on car display as well as mobile phone applications', including the world's first commercialized AMOLED panel. 

During the exhibition, AUO will introduce the four key technologies for High Definition TV (HDTV), including low color washout, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle with Advanced MVA technology (AMVA), improved motion picture quality with Simulated Pulsed Driving (SPD) technology, LED backlight module with HiColor technology to achieve over 100% color saturation, and Image Processing Technology featuring natural color images as well as saturation enhancement. These four breakthrough technologies for LCD TV products, regarded as AUO's advantages to distinguish its LCD TV products among the peers, will be showcased to the public for the first time by means of 37"TV panels. 

In the medium-small sized product showcase area, the main attention will be placed on the world's first commercialized 2"AMOLED panel, the 2.8"LTPS panel with VGA resolution, and Transflective MVA technology qualified with better sunlight readability and high contrast ratio 350:1 which made it the ideal solution for mobile applications. Another exhibition able to feature the mobility is the 200-gram easily-carried 12.1" notebook PC panel, installed with new 0.3mm glass thinness technology and LED backlight. 

Main stream of AUO's products in 2006: large-sized products place emphasis on wide screen, wide viewing angle and saturation enhancement, while medium-small sized products focus on high resolution

  • LCD TV panel products all along the line are planned to be equipped with AMVA technology with low color washout and high contrast ratio above 1200:1, including the 42" panel, which is on public display for the first time in Taiwan.
  • Some of high-level Desktop PC Monitor products have been installed AMVA technology. AUO projects that there will be a tendency towards wide screen and larger-sized panel using for Desktop PC Monitor products. In addition, the 19"panel with CCFL can reach 92% of NTSC while the 20.1" panel with LED can raise the color gamut to 104% of NTSC standard.
  • As for the Notebook PC products, the future demands will still focus on wide screen. Meanwhile, high-level products will begin to emphasize the same-level requirement as LCD TVs', aiming to demonstrate the equivalent high-qualified characteristics. For instance, the 17"notebook PC panel is able to feature 500 nits brightness, contrast ratio of 700:1, 8ms response time and 72% of NTSC.
  • AUO launches brand-new EcoTR technology for its general display products to increase sunlight readable capability and super power efficiency.
  • Following the demand of high resolution, AUO launches LTPS panel for its car display products to lead the market trend.
  • High resolution and wide viewing angle will be the next tendency for the high-level mobile phone panels.

AUO's full-ranged products at the FPD Taiwan 2006
LCD TV AUO will display its LCD TV panels from the size of 26" to 46", whereas the 46" panel is the Full HDTV quipped with 1920 x 1080 high-resolution specification and the 32"to 42" panels are installed AUO's AMVA technology with advantages of high contrast ratio of 1200:1 and low color washout.
Desktop PC Monitor AUO will display its 19", 20.1", 22"and 24" wide screen panels, whereas the 20.1" and 24" WUXGA panels have been installed AUO's AMVA technology which features high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and low color washout.The 19" WXGA panel features wide viewing angle (180 / 180) with 5ms response time.The company's 4:3 module will showcase the 19" and the 20.1" panels with HiColor technology. The 19" SXGA panel with CCFL can reach 92% of NTSC while the 20.1" UXGA panel with LED can raise the color gamut to 104% of NTSC standard.
Notebook PC AUO will display its notebook PC panels of 12.1", 13.3", 14.1", 15.4" and 17" in wide screen format. The 17" WXGA+ panel is specified with characteristics at 500 nits high brightness, 700:1 high contrast ratio, 8ms response time and 72% NTSC. This 17"WXGA+ panel is regarded as the new choice equivalent to LCD TVs by the market.
General Display AUO will display 6.5" and 12.1" panels, whereas the 12.1" panel installed EcoTR technology not only can increase sunlight readable capability but can also be regarded as a green environmental protection product with power efficiency.
Car Display AUO will showcase the wide format 6.5" LTPS panel with the features of high resolution, ultra 600 nits high brightness and wide temperature range. In addition, the high resolution of 8" WVGA panel is 800 x 480.
Mobile Phone AUO will display mobile phone panels ranged from 1.6"to 22", including transmissive and transflective panels. The high-resolution 2.2" LTPS panel is specified with characteristics at QVGA, wide viewing angle (60/45/55/55), 65% NTSC and 350:1 high contrast ratio, while the 1.9"panel is featured with 400 nits high brightness.