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AU Optronics Goes “Simply Wide” at The FPD International 2005 (2005.10.18)

AU Optronics ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) goes " Simply Wide " at the world's largest flat panel exhibition in Yokohama Japan. From October 19th to 21st, the Company puts together an impressive array of its latest products and technologies to show the world at The FPD International 2005. The future course for products are wide format applications, expanding from Desktop Monitors, and Notebooks, to LCD TVs. Believed to be a first at this exhibition, AUO has specially designated a One-Stop-Shop area where it exhibits the company's ability to give a full-range of solutions to its customers. AU Optronics is only one of the few TFT-LCD manufacturers equipped to provide such diversified range of applications (1.5" to 46" sized panels). Technology specially developed for small-medium sized applications is on show with the concept of " Mobility ", while " Color & Image " is specially designed for large sized applications. The Company's latest products, in addition to its Advanced MVA technology are all designed to bring reality to quality images. 

" Simply Wide " Products Display 

AU Optronics goes "Simply Wide" with a series of wide format applications. LCD TV panels on display range from 32" up to 46". Featuring the Company's Advanced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment ( "MVA" ) technology is a 32" LCD TV panel manufactured by Generation 6 fabrication facility. This latest technology utilizes new pixel structure with new driving principles to improve color washout typically found in wide-viewing angles of traditional MVA. It enables wide viewing angles of 178 degrees and 1200:1 high contrast ratio. Most impressive is its ability to improve viewing-angle-dependent distortion of special colors, such as skin tones. 

AUO is believed to be the first in the industry to apply wide format features to notebook applications with introduction of a new 17" WXGA+(1440x990) equipped with Desktop Monitor equivalent specifications. It not only contains fast response time of 8ms, but also, NTSC 72% high color saturation, 500 nits high brightness and 600:1 contrast ratio. The introduction is in anticipation of the up-and-coming trend of utilizing Notebook as a Desktop Monitor replacement. First time on show is its 13.3" WXGA (1280x880) notebook panel that utilizes 16:10 specifications, 250 high brightness, 400:1 high contrast ratio, and 115ppi high resolution. Weighing at less than 2 kg, this model is ideal for the well-traveled businessman and businesswoman, teachers and students alike. Other models on display are the Company's 14.1" and 15.4" wide modules both with WXGA+(1440x990) high resolution. The above range of latest models and its specifications all signify the trend of Notebook computers in the coming years. 

As for Desktop Monitors, going wider and larger is setting the trend. For multimedia purposes, 16:9 specifications make images friendlier and comfortable to the eye for playing games or watching movies, while 16:10 specifications allow the user to reserve space for content or index bar, for operation efficiency. Large wide format panels allow the end user to open multi-windows and to work on multiple files simultaneously. It accommodates those who require high efficiency and tight heavy work loads. Desktop Monitors with pivot function can turn the panel 90 degrees, from horizontal to vertical and back. With the vertical, portrait position, panels allow the user a full vertical view of the page and eliminate the need to scroll down. To display the above unique features, AUO uses a 23" WUXGA (1920x1200) and 20.1" WSXGA+(1680x1050) modules with high resolution and wide viewing angle. 

" Mobility " Mobile Viewing Technologies 

At the exhibit, AUO dedicates a section solely for small-medium sized technology and adequately named it " Mobility ". In this section it displays its self-developed 3" AMOLED VGA grade with superior high resolution at only 270ppi. For applications requiring sunlight readability, the Company features a 2.8" LTPS VGA grade panel with Transflective MVA technology and space saving System on Panel technology. Other technologies on show are targeted for notebook applications. LED backlight gives power consumption and MVA utilizing Transflective technology improves panel brightness by over 50% without disrupting color quality. 

" Color & Image " Technology Section 

AUO has continued to develop advanced technologies to preserve natural color and improve image quality. Image Processing System circuit hardware enables clarity of depth and improve high color saturation gray level and contrast ratio. Another model uses panel LED to localize and control luminance areas, produces clear depth of field and high contrast ratio of 10,000:1. In the HiColor section of the exhibit, on show is a technology that uses traditional CCFL to provide over NTSC 90% and another uses LED backlight to provide over NTSC 100% high color saturation.