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AU Optronics Launches Summer Job Fair For Fifth Generation Fab Recruiting (2002.07.07)
Taipei, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corporation ("AUO" or the "Company") today announced its launch of the "Summer Job Fair" beginning on July 7. This job fair will be held in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung to recruit employees for the company's fifth-generation fab operation. The first section will be held at The Westin Taipei hotel and the company expects to hire 200 talents.

AU Optronics stated that the company has secured funding for its fifth generation fab after issuing American depositary receipts (ADRs) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on May 23. AUO has commenced the preparation of machinery and equipment at this fab, and its lineup schedule will advance than expected. Therefore, the employee recruiting and training are important tasks for the company in the next stage.

The "Summer Job Fair" for fifth generation fab recruiting is AUO's third recruiting event this year. The company led the industry in the large-scale recruiting event during early February, as well as started the fifth generation recruiting at its Lungtan site in early March. AUO has hired about 500 direct labors so far, and plans to hire additional 200 employees to fulfill its plan of beginning commercial production at the fifth generation fab in first half of 2003.

AU Optronics Corp. is among the world's largest manufacturers of TFT-LCD modules, and is the world's first TFT LCD manufacturer that listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company is also listed NO. 23 in "Taiwan's Top 1000 Manufacturing Enterprises" (Commonwealth Magazine, May and Business Weekly, May). Due to the production expansion, the company is aggressively seeking professionals to enhance its competitiveness. Following the first section in Taipei, another two sections will be held at The Evergreen Laurel Hotel in Taichung on July 20 and at The Lee's Hotel in Kaohsiung on July 27. Individuals with bachelor or above degrees in engineering, chemistry, optelectronics and physics related areas are encouraged to attend this job fair or to place resumes online by logging on