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AUO Reports December and Full-Year 2008 Consolidated Revenue (2009.01.08)
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced December 2008 revenue with preliminary consolidated revenue of NT$14,736 million and unconsolidated revenue of NT$14,684 million, down by 17.0% and 16.7% respectively from the previous month. On a Y-o-Y comparison, both December 2008 consolidated and unconsolidated revenues decreased by 69.9%. 

For the year ended December 31, 2008, unaudited consolidated revenue totaled NT$423,929 million, resulting in an 11.7% Y-o-Y decrease. Meanwhile, unconsolidated revenue amounted to NT$421,957 million, representing a 12.0 %Y-o-Y decline. 

In December 2008, shipments of large-sized panels(a) used in desktop monitor, notebook PC, LCD TV and other applications reached around 4.22 million units, down by 6.4% month-over-month. Shipments of small- and medium-sized panels totaled 9.85 million units, representing a 33.7 % sequential decrease. 
Preliminary shipments of large-sized panels for the fourth quarter of 2008 exceeded 15.08 million units, down by 27.2% from last quarter. Shipments for small- and medium-sized panels reached around 47.40 million units, representing a 22.5 % sequential decrease. 

In terms of the 2008 full-year unit shipments, large-sized panels reached 79.67 million units, a 1.5 % Y-o-Y decrease. Meanwhile, small- and medium-sized panels exceeded 188.07 million units, representing a 31.5 % Y-o-Y increase. 

(a)Large size refers to panels that are 10 inches and above in diagonal measurement while small and medium size refers to those below 10 inches 

Sales Report :(Unit: NT$ million)

Net Sales Consolidated(1) Unconsolidated
December 2008 14,736 14,684
November 2008 17,754 17,624
M-o-M Growth (17.0%) (16.7%)
December 2007 48,936 48,828
Y-o-Y Growth (69.9%) (69.9%)
Jan to Dec 2008 423,929 421,957
Jan to Dec 2007 480,184 479,727
Y-o-Y Growth (11.7%) (12.0%)

(1) Consolidated numbers include AU Optronics Corp., AU Optronics (L) Corporation, AU Optronics (Suzhou) Corporation, AU Optronics (Shanghai) Corporation, Tech - Well (Shanghai) Display Co., AU Optronics (Xiamen) Corp., Darwin Precisions (L) Corp., Toppan CFI (Taiwan) Co, Ltd. and AU Optronics (Czech) s.r.o.