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AUO March 2004 Consolidated Revenues Totaled NT$15.1 Billion (2004.04.06)
Hsinchu, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced unaudited consolidated net sales of NT$15,098 million for March 2004, the eleventh consecutive month of record revenues. Unaudited unconsolidated net sales of NT$13,921 million was reported for the month.

Large-size TFT-LCD panel shipment in March 2004, inclusive of desktop monitor, notebook, LCD TV, and other applications, reached 1.47 million, up 10.8% sequentially. The solid M-o-M shipment growth and the 13th straight month of record large panel shipment are primarily contributed by additional output from AUO's second Gen. 5 production facility (Fab L8B), which is currently in the ramp-up process. Unit shipment for small and medium size panels in March 2004 continued to improve, up 12.3% from February to 1.95 million, after reaching a seasonal low in January 2004.

Consolidated revenues rose 13.4% M-o-M and 122.3% Y-o-Y, while unconsolidated net sales increased 11.5% and 118.5%, M-o-M and Y-o-Y, respectively.

For the first three months ended March 31, 2004, unaudited consolidated net sales revenues rise 126.2% Y-o-Y to NT$41.3 billion, while unit shipment for large-size and small-medium size panels totaled 4.10 million and 5.19 million, respectively.

Sales Report: (Unit: NT$ million)

Net Sales Revenues(1) (2) Consolidated(3) Unconsolidated
March 2004 15,098 13,921
February 2004 13,317 12,480
M-o-M Growth 13.4% 11.5%
March 2003 6,791 6,371 
Y-o-Y Growth 122.3% 118.5%
January to March 2004 41,331 38,536
January to March 2003 18,268 17,115
Y-o-Y Growth 126.2% 125.2%