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AUO Honored with 2008 National Sustainable Development Award (2008.12.09)
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced its recognition by the National Council for Sustainable Development as the leading company receiving Sustainable Enterprise Award, particularly for endorsing AUO’s outstanding records in the areas of “Environment Protection and Resource Conservation”, “Business Management”, “R&D development” and “Distinctive Contribution to the Advancement of Sustainable Development”. This award again confirms AUO’s core value of integrity, and exercises it through three related values: "Passion & Professionalism," "Execution & Excellence," "Caring & Contribution," as well as its beliefs in sustainable business management derived from it. 

AUO Honored with 2008 National Sustainable Development Award. Mr. HL Wang, AUO Senior Assistant Vice President (Right) represents AUO to receive the honor from Mr. Chao-Shiuan Liu, the Premier of Executive Yuan (Left).

“We are extremely honored to receive this award, which recognizes our long term commitment in environmental protection and corporate social responsibility,” said Dr. LJ Chen, President and COO of AUO, “We believe the growth of a company should be in harmony with eco sustainability. Thus, AUO will continue strive to offer delightful digital lifestyles to consumers while caring our environment, and hoping to bring a positive influence to the industry as a whole.” 

AUO has always sought to create high social values and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities (CSR). In 2008, AUO unveiled its "Green Solutions"(1) initiative, a company-wide mission to make a long-term commitment to reduce environmental impact and provide the widest benefits to clients and consumer. The result has been notable and was repeatedly recognized by the government, industry and clients. With cutting-edge green innovations of green panels, AUO has announced a series of green designs from 8.9-inch mini notebook PC application to 46-inch TV panels, offering the green panels that are well received by all stakeholders. 

The practical and experienced management has led AUO staffs to offer premium quality products and services for its clients with innovation, discipline, efficiency and execution. AUO also raises efficiency and train excellent executives by internal position rotation. As a corporate citizen, AUO integrates company resources to implement them on encouraging intelligent with integrity character, abridging the gap in digital life, encouraging original art and cultural heritage, caring and concern for the natural environment. In 2008, AUO also set up “AUO charity” intranet to gather employees for any kinds of volunteers’ social events. 

In the following decade, AUO will act in accordance with its new vision Bright Innovation  Amazing Life, marching toward the next phase while leveraging its 3 core elements of innovation, lifestyle and eco-friendliness to advance the company in growth and future development, as well as to create more business opportunities and social values. The “green leaf”, an integral part of the vision, symbolizes “AUO Green Solutions”1. The purpose of this new vision is to inspire every employee to innovative thinking, to create amazing lives for people and to love our globe by realizing “AUO Green Solutions” 

*(1) AUO Green Solutions: In 2008, AUO unveiled its "Green Solutions" initiative, a company-wide mission to practice green innovations, green procurement, green production, green logistics, green service, and green recycling that are all created and used in an environmentally friendly manner. The “Green 2010” goals are absolute and include an 80% waste recovery rate achievement, a 70% reduction from 2004 levels by 2010 in water consumption per substrate size, and a 70% reduction from 2004 levels by 2010 in greenhouse gas emissions per substrate size.

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