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AU Optronics Scoops Five Awards at 2002 Gold Panel Display Awards (2002.08.12)
Hsinchu, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO), today announced that the Company has received five awards for The 2002 Gold Panel Display Awards. These awards were given to AUO for its leading competitiveness and self-developed technologies. AUO was awarded "Greatest Industry Contribution", "Best Technology" for Reflective Type TFT LCD Technology, "Best Technology" for Transeflective Type TFT LCD Technology, "Best Product" for 50-inch Plasma Display Module, and "Best Product" for 3.5-inch Reflective Type TFT LCD Module.

The Gold Panel Display Awards were held by the National Science Council, the Industrial Development Bureau and Office of Committee for Information Industry Development (OCIID) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The awards consist of 3 categories including "Greatest Industry Contribution", "Best Technology", and " Best Product", with 15 winners selected. As Taiwan's largest and the world's third largest manufacturer of large-size TFT-LCD modules, AU Optronics is also the world¡¦s first TFT LCD manufacturer to list its stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company was awarded "Greatest Industry Contribution" for its contribution to enhance the position and influence of Taiwan TFT LCD industry in the world.

The two technologies AUO won for "Best Technology": Reflective Type TFT LCD Technology and Transflective Type TFT LCD Technology, were the first in Taiwan and the third in the world to be developed. The two self-developed technologies feature the leading performance of reflectance and contrast ratio and have been applied to commercialized products.

The "Best Product" award-3.5" Reflective Type TFT LCD Module is Taiwan's first reflective TFT LCD module for PDA application. Utilizing the design of high reflectance, the product is adapted LED front light. It can be well performed under the bright sunshine as well as in the darkness. With the low power consumption and portable design, the 3.5" Reflective Type TFT LCD Module is especially competitive in the PDA and smart phone markets.

As for the other "Best Product" award-50" Plasma Display Module, it is the best evidence for AUO's continuous efforts in PDP research and development. AUO is Taiwan's first to develop the 50" Plasma Display Module. The product pioneers in its ultra slim, lightweight, 41-mm thickness, and high definition of 1365x768 WXGA resolution.

These awards recognize AUO's achievements in competitiveness, quality, and technology. Looking ahead, AUO will continue to provide its customers with comprehensive service with cutting-edge technologies and innovative products.