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AU Optronics Unveils A Brand New Corporate Identity System (2004.01.08)
Hsin Chu, Taiwan

AU Optronics unveiled today the company's new logo and Corporate Identity System ("CIS"). The new logo is a simple application of the company’s initials "AUO", this clean bold design is a unique mixture of contemporary innovativeness with mature integrity, which clearly reflects the company's core values.

AU Optronics revealed today, its new logo - a simple and rich design using the company's initials "AUO". This new look, represents AUO as an innovative company with integrity and stability. The linkage of the letters depicts the company's close relationships with its customers, providing the best service possible, treating them as their partner in this cutting edge industry. It also reflects the togetherness of the staff at AUO, their determination and visions are as one. The letters are purposely not aligned to represent the company's creative youthful energy and its employees' determination to succeed. The colours had been slightly altered as a special mixture of blue and green to depict the uniqueness of the TFT-LCD technology. The combination is a unique mixture of the green of nature and life with the stability and technological traditions of blue.

" AU Optronics is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker "AUO"." Mr. HB Chen, President of AU Optronics reiterated, "With the announcement of our new CIS, this will allow our customers and investors globally a simple, direct, and in-line channel to us. Our business is flat panels. We will continue to develop products with the times, manufacture it with the latest technological processes, and support our customers to make their dreams a reality. This is what AUO all about really." AUO's new CIS is available for viewing on its website at