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AU Optronics Announces New Organization Structure In the face of Rapid Future Growth (2005.11.14)
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

In preparation for its future rapid growth, AU Optronics ("AUO" or the "the Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) announced today its new organization structure. As part of the Company's on-going planned job rotation and with its goal to develop top management talent pool, AUO has restructured its business groups into two core industry sectors, Information Technology Displays and Consumer Electronic Displays. AUO's restructure will allow it to better serve the needs of customers in these two distinctive market segments. The company has also established a Board of Management to be in charge of corporate strategic planning from a macro perspective. The new structure will further strengthen its management and operation team and the foundation of its core business. These changes will be effective as of December 1st 2005. 

AUO's President, Mr. HB Chen, the initiator of this restructure, stated that over the years AU Optronics had experienced exceptional growth and overcame the turbulence brought on by the industry's business cycle. Through this challenging experience, the company developed a team of talented managers. By empowering its managers and exposing them to different areas of operation, the Company has aggressively developed a talent pool with strong and well-rounded portfolio backgrounds to take on future challenges. Mr. Chen has full confidence in his management team to execute the restructuring plan. Each member, over the past 6 to 8 years, has across-the-board exposure to key areas in manufacturing, sales/marketing and research and development. 

The new organization, centered on the mid- to long-term development of the company, has formed a Board of Management. The group includes Company CEO, Mr. KY Lee, President, Mr. HB Chen, Executive Vice President, Dr. Hui Hsiung, Executive Vice President Dr. PoYen Lu, and Senior Vice President, Dr. CY Lin. With the role of monitoring and piloting the new organization's operations, the top managements will be able to make key decisive strategies, closing the distance with its customers and business partners in the face of the rapid developing display industry. 

Under the umbrella of the Board of Management are seven vice-presidents each with his own area of responsibility. Unchanged, Mr. Max Cheng, VP of Finance & CFO and Mr. Frank Wu, VP of Administration will be the in-charge person for the company's future financial status and Human Resources, respectively. Dr. CT Liu will remain as V.P. of AUO Technology Center, Dr. LJ Chen is to become the V.P. of Global Manufacturing, while Mr. FC Hsiang VP of Global Supply Chain Management. The sales side will be under Dr. David Su and Mr. Paul Peng's leadership. 

This new arrangement splits the Business Groups into two major sectors in accordance to two distinctive markets. In the face of rapidly growing new technological applications, each group has been structured to be intuitive to its sectors' market trends as well as to be in-tune with its customer's specific needs. 

Information Technology Display Business Group : 

The Information Technology Display Business Group will be under Mr. Paul Peng. Its scope will include applications such as; Desktop Display Business Unit, Notebook Display Business Unit, and General Display Business Division. Mr. Paul Peng has an MBA from UK's Heriot-Watt University. Since 2002, as General Manager of AUO’s SuZhou module plant, Mr. Peng was able to successfully and efficiently set-up the plant and had it running smoothly within a duration. His effective leadership quickly led AUO to be known as one of the 10 highest exporters in China. 

Consumer Electronics Display Business Group : 

Consumer Electronics Display Business Group will be under Dr. David Su, which Business Group will include the Company's TV Display Business Unit, Audio-Video Display Business Unit, and Mobile Device Display Business Unit. Dr. Su obtained his PhD from The State University of New York and was involved in the extensive research of TFT-LCD application for aviation electronics at GE. In 1990 he returned to Taiwan and joined Unipac where he was one of the key team members involved in the set-up of Taiwan's very first TFT-LCD fabrication facility. By 1995, he was promoted to VP of Product Research. Since the successful merger of Unipac and ADT, Dr. Su crossed from research to business and was assigned with the responsibility of Audio-Video Displays Business Unit. By 2003 he switched to head TV Display Business Unit. His vast experience in not only R&D, production manufacturing, and sales and marketing for consumer electronics applications, make him the ideal candidate for this demanding position. 

Global Manufacturing : 

Dr. LJ Chen, who will be responsible for global productions, obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Taiwan's Ching Hua University. He acted as the manager of research and development at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in HsinChu and later joined Acer Display as Fabrication Facility General Manager. He later took over the position of Fab. General Manager for all AUO's HsinChu sites. Beginning in 2003, Dr. LJ Chen entered sales and marketing side as the person in charge of the Company's DeskTop Display Business Unit. 

AUO Technology Center (Research and Development Center ) : 

Dr. CT Liu, the Company's Vice-President of The AUO Technology Center ("ATC") has a PhD in Electronic Engineering from Princeton University. He later joined Bell Labs, where he remained for the next 12 years in research and development. Dr. Liu returned to Taiwan in 2002 to join AU Optronics' Research and Development Division. By 2004, he was promoted to Vice President and will lead the Company to develop its latest technologies for each market needs and harmonize mid- and long-term research and development platform. ATC now has over 900 R&D engineers. 

Global Supply Chain Management : 

Mr. FC Hsiang, VP of Global Supply Chain Management obtained his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the National Cheng Kung University. At Acer Display, he obtained hands-on experience in a vast array of different positions, such as; Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Engineering, and Product R&D. Since 2002, he was director of module plant and Vice-President of Global Supply Chain Management. 

AU Optronics Chairman and CEO, Mr. KY Lee, is filled with optimism. He stated, "The 21st Century is a time of fierce competition of talents. Having the right talents is one of the key determinants to a successful business. In anticipation of the next cycle of display applications, our Company understands the importance of taking charge of the situation and feels that this is the right time to emphasize strengthening our management forces and business capabilities. Having the right people working along-side you and building a strong team is an essential ingredient to continuous strong growth."