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AUO Promotes Next-Generation Professional Managers (2010.10.08)
The Concurrent Development of Display and Solar Businesses Turns Over a New Leaf
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) announced its new organization arrangement effective today. To ensure sustainable enterprise operation, long-term development, and to enhance the effectiveness of the management team, AUO will actively develop the Display and Solar businesses in parallel as the twin engines for future growth and dedicate wholly to their respective fields. Meanwhile, AUO is honoring the outstanding next-generation of professional managers with the promotion of four new vice presidents, to instill fresh impetus into the organization. 

Under the new organizational structure, AUO will operate based on two core businesses of Display and Solar. Each business will have its own production, R&D, as well as sales and marketing functions, with dedicated team force, to meet the different industry demands for the proactive development of the two core businesses in parallel. The Display business will be handled by Mr. Paul Peng, Executive VP who is familiar with the panel industry. Due to the strategic role of the Solar business to AUO's future positioning in the green energy industry and its long-term importance, the Solar business will be led by Dr. L.J. Chen, the President. 

AUO has long implemented corporate governance and continues to conduct organizational change and talent cultivation to respond to the rapid industry developments and new business demands. Four new Vice Presidents with excellent performance emerged and they are: Display business, Dr. Frank Ko, who will be in charge of the TV Display Business Group; Mr. K.P. Chu will be in charge of the Global Supply Chain Management; for the Solar business, Mr. James Chen, who will be in charge of Solar Business Group; and Mr. Shih-Kun Chen, will be in charge of Global Solar Manufacturing. To further implement the deputy system, Mr. Max Cheng will serve as acting President and assist in the relevant matters relating to the development of the Solar business. 

The Company has long actively cultivated promising talents. The Company hopes that, with the joining of the next generation of professional managers and dedicated organizational structure, this will further fortify AUO's operation efficiency and create the maximum benefits for the shareholders, turning over a new leaf for the Company's two core businesses.