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AUO takes major leap into green energy business (2008.12.30)
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced the establishment of its “Energy Project Office“ directly under the supervision of the President’s office, marking an official statement of its holistic approach to green energy solutions. Extending from manufacturing green panels, AUO’s “Energy Project Office“ will devote efforts in green energy solutions and plans to set up a pilot line in AUO Taichung site, in a bid to proactively fulfill the Company’s corporate social responsibility by striving for a better living environment for future generations. 

Ever since disclosing “AUO Green Solutions” early this year, AUO has registered remarkable records in seven major areas: Green DNA, Green Innovations, Green Procurement, Green Production, Green Logistics, Green Service and Green Recycling. In addition, AUO’s new vision for the next decade “Bright Innovation, Amazing Life” also acts as a catalyst to inspire employees to create amazing lives for people by innovative thinking, and to love our planet by fulfilling “AUO Green Solutions”. The establishment of AUO’s “Energy Project Office “marks another proactive move in protecting the environment by offering green energy solutions in addition to the Company’s longstanding efforts in reducing waste and energy consumption. The office represents a major leap forward in realizing this vision. 

To address global warming issues that have been induced by traditional fossil-fuel energy, AUO, thus, proactively seeks solutions in clean energy as one of its main future businesses. The advantages of solar electric systems include zero green house emissions, convenience for households to install, and significant increases in energy transmission efficiency by smart grid distribution and energy storage. With its sound technology basis in the TFT-LCD sector and compatibility in numerous manufacturing processes, as well as technology maturity in thin film solar power, (converting efficiency has improved from 5~8% in the first generation to 8~10% in the second generation and even reached 10% and beyond in the third generation), AUO sees this as the right time to establish its “Energy Project Office “. The Company will begin implementing these initiatives with third generation technology directly, starting with a pilot line in its Taichung site in 2009. This also marks a new forward-looking innovative operation model since the Company was founded 12 years ago. 

“AUO has been working diligently in providing consumers quality visual amusement. In addition to its ongoing efforts in TFT-LCD technology, AUO is now extending its innovations into the clean energy industry, seeking a win-win situation for CSR fulfillment in protecting the environment and promising green business opportunities for the TFT-LCD industry.” said Dr. LJ Chen, President and COO of AUO, “We also welcome more people and companies to join us. Together, we can strive to advance Taiwan’s green energy industry toward a more international level.” 

In related news, AUO successfully hosted a week-long “2008 AUO Photovoltaic Forum” in early December. The forum invited international and domestic renowned solar energy experts to share and exchange views with the AUO task force, resulting in constructive and diversified discussions, as well as many forward-looking ideas. AUO expects that these advances will in the near future help facilitate consumers to live a more advanced and eco-friendly green lifestyle.