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AU Optronics to Unveil Its New Vision for the Next Decade (2008.10.21)
Bright Innovation Amazing Life
Hsinchu, Taiwan,

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced its new vision for the next decade: “Bright Innovation Amazing Life”. The new vision demonstrates the company is moving forward to a new stage. By focusing on 3 core elements: innovation, life and caring for the environment, this new vision is leading AUO to a sustainable growth that creates values for society through its employees and products.

The new vision, , was generated through a collaboration of more than 100 AUO executives. The “green leaf”, an integral part of the vision, symbolizes “AUO Green Solutions”1. The purpose of this new vision is to inspire every employee to innovative thinking, to create amazing lives for people and to love our globe by executing “Green Solutions”. In order to carry out the new vision and to meet AUO’s future global expansion, AUO is taking specific actions in innovation, talent and providing platforms:

Innovation: It’s about the entire personnel’s participation
To bring “innovation” into action, AUO has been creating a bottom-up organizational atmosphere by encouraging innovative initiatives from every employee in product development, operations and the production process. Moreover, the AUO Learning College 2, formed in 2001, now has two new areas of focus: Innovation and Leadership. AUO’s new LCD TV set assembly business, established for more efficient and value-adding customer service, is an example of innovation in its new operation model.

Talent: Recruiting new management-level professionals within 5 years
To further develop its global operations and diversified business in the future, AUO is launching a new talent plan to recruit global talents externally and simultaneously mobilize current talents internally. AUO has launched the “Key Talent” recruitment program to recruit over 250 managerial professionals into AUO’s businesses in the next 5 years. AUO also plans to increase its overseas offices and new businesses, as well as further develop AUO’s current talents.

Platform: Implementing Web 2.0 internally
With increasing demand for intensive and real-time communication across borders, time zones and projects, an efficient web platform is playing an important role at AUO, helping in knowledge sharing and in decreasing the to-and-fro of e-mails. Since 2007, AUO has started internal blogs for collaboration on projects. In addition, AUO’s web-meeting platform has also significantly decreased business trips. Currently there are over 48,000 people utilizing web meetings every month at AUO. Furthermore, many novel platforms such as “Living Life”, “AUO Green Solutions”, “AUO Charity” and “Car Pool” platforms were created by employees. “AUO Charity” is a model example that was initiated by a group of employees doing works of charity; and employees’ participation has encouraged the company to put even more resources into social responsibility activities.

As part of the new “Bright Innovation Amazing Life” vision, AUO has also disclosed its new slogan: “Innovating Life” - spreading innovations to every corner of people’s lives. Mr. H.B. Chen, CEO of AUO stated,”In the past decade, execution and speed have been essential for AUO to meet the demands of a dramatically changing environment. However, for the upcoming decade, AUO will bring innovation, life and caring for the environment into our corporate culture. This new vision will lead employees and our business to a new stage via an innovative organization atmosphere, diversified talent and a borderless platform. We hope that our employees, our business and our products will create maximum value for people and for society.”

*1: “AUO Green Solutions” is an initiative started in early 2008, covering innovation, procurement, production, logistics, service, recycling, under the core of “Green DNA” namely employee involvement in green activities.

*2: “AUO Learning College” in AUO’s internal learning and development scheme. It was formed in 2001 with seven faculties, and now has nine including innovation, leadership, quality, management, commerce & language, industrial management, science, engineering I and engineering II.

Yawen Hsiao
Corporate Communications Dept.
AU Optronics Corp.

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