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AU Optronics Corp. Recognized by The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Three Top Environmental Preservation Categories (2002.11.07)
Hsinchu, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO), announced today that the company has been recognized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in three top categories for its excellence in energy conservation, minimizing waste, and pollution prevention.

The MOEA handpicks outstanding local industries for their great achievements in their implementation of environmental preservation measures on an annual basis. In the past, top environmentally conscious corporates have been honored with this award and one year after its merger, AUO has also been recognized.

AUO stated that, its L2 Fab was awarded with the "2002 National Award for Excellent Performance in Industrial Waste Minimization Facility" for its complete integration from product life cycle to usage of materials and energy conservation. L3 Fab is awarded with the "2002 National Award for Outstanding Achievements in Operation and Maintenance of Pollution Control Facilities" for its installation of contamination preventive facilities, implemented staff training program and regulatory water recycle program. Their Stripper Recycle System is not only able to decrease wastewater and abolish solvent drainage related problems, but also, able to save over NT$100 million (USD 2.86 million) annually on solvent solution costs.

With ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 certification, AUO is a forerunner in environmental preservation. In addition, AUO's L6 Fab in Long Tan was honored with an award for "Energy Conservation Achievement Excellence", for its active implementations on Stripper Liquid waste reduction, minimizing developer fluids, conservation of water and energy. An average of NT$80 million (USD2.29million) annually in costs is realized with the implementation of this efficient system.

This year has been an exceptional year for the company, being recognized by the MOEA not only in Environmental Preservation, but also technology innovation. The Company was the recipient of five awards from The 2002 Gold Panel Display Awards in August and The 2002 Industrial Science and Technology Development Awards in September. These awards were given to AUO by MOEA, in recognition of its leading competitiveness and self-developed technologies in TFT-LCD. As Taiwan¡'s leader in TFT-LCD technology, AUO will strive to maintain as forerunner in both technology advancements and play an active role in environmental preservation.