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AUO Demonstrates New Generation Mobile Display Technologies at Japan's FPD International 2011 (2011.10.20)

AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO), a global leading display total solutions provider, today announced its next generation of mobile display technologies, including a 4.29-inch qHD high resolution display using Hyper LCD technology, a 4.46-inch 1 mm narrow border display, a 6-inch transparent AMOLED display with high transparency, a smart phone display with 53% in energy-savings, and a 12.3-inch LCD car display with free-form cutting. These state-of-the-art mobile technologies are perfect for cellphones, tablets, vehicle dashboards and other related mobile devices and will all be showcased at FPD International 2011 in Japan. 

AUO’s 12.3-inch LCD car display has many features, including a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, fast response time and anti-reflection design.
AUO’s 12.3-inch LCD car display has many features, including a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, fast response time and anti-reflection design.

 “AUO is dedicated to providing innovative, advanced, and environmentally friendly display total solutions to customers for high value-added, vivid images” said Paul Peng, President of AUO Display Business Operation. “Mobile Display is closely related to customers’ daily life applications. Our research team has developed cutting-edge technologies for high brightness, wide viewing angles, as well as transparent and fashionable narrow border designs. Combined with energy-saving functions, win-win situations are being achieved in terms of both technology and environmental sustainability. ” 

Smartphone Display: High Resolution, Low Power Consumption 
To fulfill the high-resolution and energy-saving needs of smartphones, AUO has worked to provide innovative display solutions that deliver high resolution with reduced power consumption. In one step towards this goal, AUO replaced LTPS with Hyper LCD manufacturing technology in the development of its 4.29-inch qHD smartphone display. The unique TFT design provides high resolution, narrow borders, high brightness, and lower power consumption. 

By applying a-Si technology, AUO’s 4.46-inch high-end narrow border display enjoys a resolution of 330 PPI and high brightness. In addition, with AUO’s new slim border technology, the border is impressively thin at 1mm, helping it win points with fashion conscious consumers. 

Leveraging its advanced power-saving technology, AUO has developed a 4.46-inch ultra-low power display that uses 53% less power than other similar displays. Reducing power consumption while still offering 330 PPI high-resolution, this new technology can provide high-end smartphones with longer battery life. It is an excellent energy-saving and environmentally friendly option.  

Car Display: Free-Form Cutting, High Contrast Ratio, Anti-Reflection 
AUO’s 12.3-inch LCD car display adopts free-form cutting to meet the size and shape of almost any vehicle dashboard. Taking into consideration the safety of drivers, this display offers a wide viewing angle, 2000:1 high contrast ratio, and fast response time. In addition, its anti-reflection design helps drivers keep an unobstructed line of sight free from interference of unnecessary light sources. 

New Generation AMOLED Display: High Brightness, Thin and light
AUO integrates OLED’s features—a thin and light body, energy-saving controls, and high brightness—with touch and transparency functions in its next-generation AMOLED display. Thanks to its leading manufacturing capabilities, AUO launched its 4.3-inch AMOLED with true high 257 DPPI (Dot Pixels Per Inch). This newly designed product can provide finer quality for images and texts and resolves the conventional jagged edges of sub-pixels.

AUO’s 6-inch transparent AMOLED display has achieved a transparency rate of more than 35% and is perfectly matched for cellphone and vehicle dashboard use. AUO’s 4-inch Touch AMOLED display also offers 30% less energy consumption when compared with the same class of AMOLED products. 

AUO will continue to research and develop high quality mobile display total solutions and provide customers worldwide with high-tech and energy-saving products for an ever richer life.