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AUO Demonstrates Edge-to-Edge Bezel-less ALCD TV Displays (2016.08.23)
High refresh rate and high resolution edge-to-edge bezel-less gaming monitor panels make high-speed appearance

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) will participate in Touch Taiwan 2016 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from August 24 to 26 to showcase a full portfolio of advanced large-sized display technologies and products. Exhibition highlights include edge-to-edge bezel-less ALCD TV displays in the TV Wall Zone, and 8K4K ultra high resolution edge-to-edge bezel-less curved TV display; in the Gaming Zone, a complete series of high refresh rate and high resolution edge-to-edge bezel-less gaming monitor panels will be present to build a professional gaming arena, complemented by extreme narrow bezel video wall displays that provide exciting live broadcast of demonstrative competitions.

AUO 65-inch 8K4K ultra high resolution TV display
AUO 65-inch and 75-inch edge-to-edge bezel-less ALCD TV displays
AUO 25-inch, 27-inch and 35-inch high refresh rate gaming monitor panels

Edge-to-Edge Bezel-less ALCD Technology for Spectacular Boundless Experience
AUO continuously challenges itself to integrate and innovate display technologies and presents the 65-inch and 75-inch edge-to-edge bezel-less ALCD TV displays, using AUO's self-developed GOA (Gate on Array) technology and bezel-less production method to significantly lower the number of display driver ICs, while expanding the field of view. Meanwhile, various technologies such as UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) ultra high resolution, next-generation wide color gamut, 4000R golden curvature, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) have been adopted together. The display’s backlight can be controlled in zones to achieve higher contrast through local dimming. Images are depicted in more details against dark backgrounds, resembling more of what the human eye can see in the real world.

8K4K Ultra High Resolution TV Display Technology for Interpretation of Most Minute Details
AUO will exhibit for the first time 8K4K ultra high resolution TV display technology, realizing the most intricate picture quality that is sixteen times the resolution of full HD (7680 x 4320). Items as close as a single hair, or scenery as far as remote mountains and forests can all be captured faithfully in their most subtle details. Furthermore, the display features 4000R golden curvature, edge-to-edge bezel-less design, and REC 2020 90%, the new color gamut broadcasting standard published by the ITU for ultra high resolution (4K & 8K) displays, exhibiting full image details and true colors. Viewers would feel as if they had stepped into the brilliant world in the screen. The display’s super slim direct LED backlight structure enables the module to be only 20mm thick, adding a touch of simplistic, modern taste with its ultra slim feature.

Full Range of High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitor Panels Serving Professional Gamers' Needs
AUO has the industry's most complete gaming displays product line, and led the industry by developing a series of professional grade gaming monitor panels integrating high refresh rate, large-sized display, high resolution, and edge-to-edge bezel-less curved design. Among them, the world's first(*) 27-inch gaming monitor panel with 144Hz refresh rate and UHD 4K ultra high resolution combines extremely delicate image details and dynamic motion flow, supporting professional gamers to become more invincible than ever in games. The world's first(*) 25-inch 240Hz ultra high refresh rate gaming monitor panel with 1ms super fast response time is capable of delivering smooth gaming scenes with accurate image details and no lag, allowing professional gamers to get high chances of winning in matter of milliseconds. 35-inch WQHD (3440 x 1440) ultra wide curved gaming monitor panel has 21:9 ultra wide cinema grade aspect ratio and the world's highest(*) 1800R curvature design to deliver an immersive sensory experience for viewers to enjoy.

Extreme Narrow Bezel Video Wall for Next Generation Business Applications
AUO's 55-inch full HD extreme narrow bezel video wall display adopts the world's leading(*) extreme narrow bezel technology. When the displays are assembled together, the adjoining bezel is only 1.8mm wide. Meanwhile, special white balance adjustment technology is applied to deliver seemingly one whole large picture. By enhancing the design of backlight module, AUO significantly reduced the panel's power consumption to achieve 30% higher energy efficiency than other similar products in the market(*). When numerous panels are placed together and operate for long hours, the power-saving performance is still impressive. The display can be set in portrait or landscape mode in all sorts of industrial and commercial environments, with applications to transportation, security surveillance, or audio video control center to introduce brand new ways to assemble the displays, satisfying customers’ diverse needs.

In addition to the larged-sized ultra high resolution, edge-to-edge bezel-less display products and technologies, AUO will also showcase a full lineup of high resolution, narrow border, and slim and power-saving LTPS mobile device displays, gaming monitor panels combining high resolution and high refresh rate, and various kinds of AMOLED applications for wearable devices. Moreover, ultra high resolution free-form curved car display, high resolution AMOLED car display, high resolution and high contrast professional medical displays, and super power-saving transflective displays that are readable under the sun are also among the exhibits, demonstrating AUO’s leading display technologies and profound R&D capacity.

The Display Innovation Taiwan Conference 2016 will be held concurrently with the exhibition. AUO Chairman & CEO Mr. Paul SL Peng will deliver a keynote speech titled "New Era of Display Applications" on August 24. Mr. JJ Lih, Senior Associate Vice President of New Display Product Development Center will speak on the topic of "AMOLED for Wearable Application" on August 25. On the same day, Mr. SK Huang, Vice President of Video Solutions Manufacturing will also deliver a speech on "Smart and Green Manufacturing in LCD" at the 2016 Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Forum. We cordially welcome you to visit us at Touch Taiwan 2016 to enjoy a visual feast realized by AUO's leading technologies and innovative products.


* Based on the available market research information as of August 23, 2016.