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AU Optronics Shows its Latest LCD TV and a Wide Range of Flat Panels at the FPD Taiwan 2004 (2004.06.08)
Hsinchu, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) will exhibit its latest flat panel displays as well as its newest technical achievements in OLED and LCD TV at this year's FPD Taiwan. The list includes its newly-developed 32" & 37" panels for TV application in addition to over 30" other TFT-LCD panels for other applications.

In the exhibition, AUO will display its full range of panel sizes, from as small as 1.5" up to as large as 46". Within the high profile LCD TV sector, AUO will display its latest models in LCD TV applications. Its latest 32" and 37" LCD TVs allow for more selection within 30" and larger sized LCD TVs for family use. Their latest 37" LCD TV model is featured with 1920 X 1080 HDTV high resolution, 800:1 high contrast ratio, and has Premium MVA technology of 170/170. Its 32" TV panel also has a high contrast ratio of 800:1, high brightness of 550 nits and the same Premium MVA technology of 170/170.

AU Optronics has systematically demonstrated its highly-recognized technological developments for LCD TV applications. In the spotlight is the company's AITB, Advanced Image Tracking Backlight, winner of The 2004 Gold Panel Display Awards for "Best Technology". AITB is known to improve motion picture quality with impulse type display using scan synchronized lighting source. This technology decreases response time to only 8 ms and decreases dragging of images. Another of AUO's self-developed Technology is one with super high response speed. This newly patented technology not only decreases response time to as low as 5 ms but also dramatically improves motion picture quality. Color Image Processing Technology is another breakthrough newly introduced technology which allows for smoother, sharper images, improving richness of color and color saturation.

Other unique panels are models (exhibited in 26" and 23" panels) utilizing LED back light system to enhance color saturation and high brightness. The 26" WXGA LCD TV is equipped with high color saturation (>100% NTSC) and high brightness (600 nits ) while the 23" WUXGA panel for monitor application is equipped with color saturation as high as 100% NTSC.

Targeted at the increasing demand for multimedia applications, AUO has launched a series of wide aspect ratio panels. Its 17" 15:9 panel for desktop application has a high brightness of 450 nits, 800:1 high contrast ratio, and 170 degrees of Premium MVA, which is very suitable as multifunctional TV and computer monitor. An ultra-thin and lightweight 12.1" panel with high brightness stands out in the notebook line-up. It has an ultra lightweight of 250 g and ultra brightness of 250 nits. Another notebook model on display is its 17" panel with 16:10 wide aspect ratio, high brightness, high response time, and wide viewing angle. This model is ideal for viewing of DVD movies or games.

AUO will also display its latest developments in small- to medium-sized panels. On its list is an 8.4" Transflective SVGA with sunlight readable qualities, best suited for outdoor usage applications such as Webpad and Mobile POS. A 2" LTPS panel for DSC application is equipped with world's first Smart-Integrated Technology along with lower power consumption, and high resolution which all in all increases its efficiency usage. For mobile phone application, AUO has lined up a series of Transmissive and Transflective, LTPS and AMOLED, and dual display panels in a variety of sizes. On its list is a 2.2" LTPS, which is equipped with world's highest resolution of its kind, high color saturation and high brightness. Its 1.9" Transflective panel is believed to have the world's highest color saturation and high brightness of the same category. Within the AMOLED sector, a 1.93" for mobile phone use and 2.0" for DSC are both qualified with less than 1 ms fast response time and larger than 1000:1 contrast ratio. With OLED's special characteristics of ultra thin and wide viewing angle, it is best suited for small-sized digital product application.