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AU Optronics First to Launch 12 ms Response Time TFT-LCD Panel within its Range of Latest Products and Technologies. (2003.09.01)
Hsin Chu, Taiwan

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) held a press conference today proudly showcased its latest TFT-LCD panels at its headquarters in Hsinchu Science Park. The long list of applications rang from notebook, desk top monitors, LCD TV, Industrial applications, mobile phones, digital cameras, car DVD displays, and other small to large sized panels. On center stage was the company's latest 17" LCD monitor, which contained the world's fastest response time ever at 12 ms. This latest self-challenged breakthrough surpasses AUO's own record setting achievement of 16 ms, attained back in 2H02.

Just within the notebook PC category, the latest panels include "The World's First 14.1" LCD for Tablet PC", "The World's First Wide Format 12.1" LCD for Ultra-Portable Notebook", and a "Mobile Display with Desktop Performance Products".The products launched today are no doubts first of its kind.

Within the portable DVD and car display category, AUO showcased its latest 7"W TFT-LCD panel, which is considered to be the world's thinnest, lightest, brightest and most power efficient panel. At only 5.7mm thin and with 500 nits high brightness, this product is ideal for portable DVD and car display applications. With the vision of serving the color display mobile phone market, AUO has dedicated its latest technologies for this high growth application by launching a 1.8" TFT LCD and 1.1" CSTN – " Dual Panels with Single Backlight," perfectly designed for the future mobile phone users. The list also included the " World's First 2.7" Transflective LCD for Smart Phone". This new technology provides excellent viewing images for both indoor and outdoor environments with a convenient touch screen feature.

The company's latest 1.5" Transflective TFT-LCD module with " Compact Size Featuring One-Chip Solution for Mobile Phone" was amongst the list on show. This unique feature not only allows for low energy consumption, but also, enable a more simplified circuit designs which ultimately means compact designed phone sets for the end consumers. AU Optronics' dedication to research and development has bear fruits with " Taiwan's Frist QVGA LTPS Panel for mobile phone ". Its 240x320 high resolution and 180 pixel per inch (ppi) panel delivers the human eye a sophisticated viewing image in the palms of their hands. As for OLED technology, AUO has also showcased its 1.93", " Taiwan's First AMOLED for Mobile Phone".

Dr. Hui Hsiung, Executive Vice President of AU Optronics stated with conviction, "Since AUO formal launch of AU Technology Center last year, we have effectively integrated our internal forces, allowing our team to develop world leading products in flat panel displays. The establishment of our research center communicates two important messages: First, We are highly confident of our research and development capabilities as well as our production technologies. We believe that our dedicated teams have the ability to produce the world best features in flat display. Secondly, We are also confident in our sales ability as our products continues to define and feature the industry latest technologies, helping our customers to fulfill the market demand with the most advanced solution."