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Due to climate change, many countries around the world are facing the severe threats of water scarcity and the issue of water protection. To increase public awareness toward water resource protection, World Water Day has been proposed on 22 March by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1992. Each year, one of various themes is selected to promote the importance of water resources. In designating 2013 as the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, it recognizes that cooperation is essential to strike a balance between the different needs and priorities and share this precious resource equitably. 

As a corporate citizen, AU Optronics devotes itself to caring the Earth and maintaining the balance between corporate development and environmental protection. From products design to manufacturing, we continually decrease the environmental impacts caused by manufacturing products. At the same time, we innovate eco-friendly products. While we consistently pursue business growth and new opportunities, the Company tries to reach the goal of environmental protection and fulfill its corporate social responsibility. 

Water resource protection is one of the items that AUO strives to uphold. For instance, at AUO's fab in Lungke Science Park, starting from the beginning of the site construction, the construction team abandoned the conventional water management mechanism and adopted the more advanced way to simultaneously reclaim water during its processing stage. AUO also injected another 800 million NTD for a water management and recycling system in the site, continuing to improve the effectiveness of discharged water recycling process and equipment efficiency. The system can reclaim up to 15,000 tons of water per day.

AUO has two LEED certified green fabs. The water recycle systems allow the process & daily water recovery rate to reach 90%. It is estimated that fresh tap water, enough to fill 1,430 standard swimming pools, can be saved annually in the 8.5 Fab in Taichung, while water enough to fill 6,500 standard swimming pools can be saved annually in the 8.5 Fab in Houli, Taichung.  In addition, we also set up the rainwater recovery system in the roof of the fab. With the large area of the plant roof, the rainwater can be collected to water the plants daily and partially serve for daily use. The effective use of natural rainfall helps to reach the target of water recycling rate. 


Action 123 to Save Water

Other than water savings made by innovative fab designs, the Company initiates an internal activity “Action 123 to Save Water” to urge the employees to echo World Water Day with their actions. 

Action 1 – Reduce consumption of bottled drinking water

Bottled water is convenient but the process of its production is not environmentally-friendly. Producing 1 kilogram of PET plastic requires 17.5 kilograms of water. Much more water is consumed in making plastic bottles. It is more eco-friendly and healthy for employees to bring cups with them in meetings.

Action 2 – Use water-efficiency products 

  • Use water-efficiency products in daily life could reduce waste of water. 
  • Use water-efficiency faucet – saves 18L water / a day
  • Use water-efficiency shower nozzle - saves 50L water / a day 
  • Install water-efficiency toilet - saves 66L water / a day 
  • Use water-efficiency washing machine - saves 18L water every time

Action 3 – Reduce water consumption and reuse water whenever possible

Reuse water can help reduce water consumption and waste.

  • Shorten shower time by one minute daily - saves 15L water / a day
  • Use a cup instead of turning on the tap when brushing teeth - saves 11L water / a day
  • Use the sink to wash dishes - saves 90L water every time


Please join us in supporting World Water Day and love the Earth!


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