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Responsibilities and challenges

As the professional supplier of liquid crystal displays and solar energy solutions, AUO is dedicated to product innovation while implementing resolution of “Sustainable Development” via the three missions of core values such as “Enthusiastic Service, Pursuit of Excellence, and Caring of Society”. After these three missions have been achieved, eventually it can accomplish the vision of innovative “Beautiful Life” and the objective of “Becoming the Top Green Solution Provider”. It is hoped that AUO can become the “Excellent Enterprise of Sustainable Operation” based on high quality corporate culture.

Low carbon operation is an inevitable trend for international corporation. AUO has set an ambitious goal of 25% carbon reduction from the processes of the entire company in 2015. As for the promotion of carbon neutrality, AUO’s corporate HQ building has been granted certificate by EPA, and its 2014 Family Day activity has also achieved carbon neutrality. In addition, AUO has developed carbon neutrality policy, promoted carbon reduction concept, and appropriated carbon credits for negotiating cooperation with non-profit organizations. Currently it has already assisted in achieving carbon neutrality with respect to activities such as water reservoirs, communities, schools, and meetings.

In response to the Xiaoli River issue of Longtan Plant, AUO has actively developed wastewater recycling technology and voluntarily submitted wastewater zero discharge recycling project to government competent authority. It has been completed by the end of 2015 with the disclosure of three major objectives of water resources for 2020. AUO hopes to achieve the balance between economic development and environmental protection and to establish milestones based on the innovative positive measures of this technology.

AU Optronics has been named as a member of Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) for six consecutive years. It demonstrates AUO's excellent achievements in social, economic, and environmental performance. 



AUO was awarded the Oekom Research AG “prime” status. Oekom Research AG, established in Munich, Germany in 1993, is Europe's leading rating agency that uses the world's most comprehensive collection of criteria for the ethical evaluation of companies.

Every two years from an investor's point of view, Oekom Research AG selects around 3,100 companies to participate in a draft rating, and subsequently 550 companies are identified (acquire “prime” status) through further assessment.  AUO was invited for the first time in 2011 and awarded “prime” status in May of the same year, making it the leader of the sector, ahead of international enterprises such as Hitachi, Kyocera, Nikon, and Samsung.

友達光電獲得Oekom Research 評選為符合Prime等級企業


AUO has signed to support the 2°C Challenge Communiqué in 2012 and is pleased to be the first official signatory company in Taiwan. As a responsible corporate citizen, AUO totally understands the urgency to stabilize the global temperature of meeting the 2°C challenge. The “AUO Green Solutions” is currently implemented to take initiatives for green growth. Meanwhile, we will call on cooperates and government to take reasonable action at a national level, together to achieve a green growth and a low-carbon economy.

The 2°C Challenge Communiqué is issued to governments by leaders of over 185 companies around the world, including characters from energy, finance, sales, manufacture…, etc. The Communiqué is brought together by the Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action, an international network of climate business groups, and by the University of Cambridge Program for Sustainability Leadership. The 2°C Challenge Communiqué is a statement from businesses that calls on governments to take action at a national level to ensure a successful transition to green growth and a climate-resilient economy.

AUO has signed to support the 2°C Challenge Communiqué
Support of “Carbon Pricing”

AUO responds to the “Putting a Price on Carbon Statement” issued by WBCSD and World Bank in 2014. We treat the carbon pricing measure as a corporate carbon reduction tool with efficiency and cost effectiveness, and we will continue to examine risks and opportunities during ongoing operation process. The promotional website is at

AUO has also signed and supported CDP actions of “CDP Road to Paris 2015” such as carbon pricing, provision of mainstream climate change information, participation in climate policies by responsible corporate, and corporate commitment of greenhouse gas reduction objective. The promotional website is as

CSR Committee

As a global citizen, AUO has always sought to fulfill its corporate social and environment responsibilities, as well as part of corporate spirit. We strive to integrate CSR in all aspects of our operating strategy, including company policy, internal management, various execution procedures, and training. Furthermore, through corporate management, training programs, AUO Green Solutions, and public participations, AUO offers an amazing visual experience to consumers with innovative technology. By keeping our promise for sustainable development, we are able to improve our corporate culture and provide the benefits to our clients and stakeholders.

In 2013, the CSR Committee was formally established to enhance the management efficiency of corporate sustainability and integrate horizontal resources in order to meet stakeholders' expectations of corporate governance, environmental protection and social care at the same time. The CEO of AUO serves as the chairperson of the CSR Committee, and each sub-committee is headed by a vice-president. AUO will keep on prompting more comprehensive plans and proactively engage in global CSR movement and make contribution to move forward on the road of sustainable development.

AUO has always sought to fulfill its corporate social and environment responsibilities, as well as part of corporate spirit. We integrate Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR) in all aspects of our operating strategy, including company policy, internal management, various execution procedures, and training. Since 2006, we have been implementing a Social and Environmental Responsibility program (SER program) and continuously promoting CSR culture internally. Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) was adopted as the basis of our CSR policy to ensure the working conditions are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity, and the manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible and ethical. We have set our CSR policy based on a number of international standards and major principles, including Social Accountability 8000, the Universal Declarations of Human Rights, EICC, and the Global Sullivan Principles.