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Your Reliable Partner in the PV Industry

AU Optronics (AUO) is a leading global manufacturer of TFT-LCD committed to providing green solutions to its worldwide customers in a manner that is sustainable and friendly to the environment. Besides being named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, AUO is also the world's first TFT-LCD manufacturer to have received a LEED Platinum Certification. In addition to its strengths in product and technological innovation, AUO stresses its commitment to going green and to utilizing manufacturing excellence to develop its solar business.

Leveraging the company's innovation ability, AUO makes efforts in providing high reliability and premium quality solar solutions. Furthermore, AUO possesses a complete solar value chain that focuses on high efficiency at each stage, including polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cell, module and system production. AUO's solar solutions fulfill the requirements in residential, commercial, and utility segments.





Group Resource Synergy



AUO's High-Efficiency Solar Value Chain