Affiliate Companies

AUO Care

AUO Care, taking active care for health promotion as core concept, utilizes professional healthcare experiences in Taiwan and advanced cloud technology to design dedicated ERP system for elderly centers. By integrating system and health care equipment with IoT technology, AUO Care offers comprehensive smart care solutions.



AUO Crystal Corp.
AUO Crystal Corp.友達晶材

AUO Crystal is a leading supplier of high-efficient solar wafers, providing the upstream materials for well-known solar cell companies around the world. The company’s high quality products have maintained for itself the leadership position in the industry.


ComQi is a global leader providing digital signage & interactive solutions to enhance the shopper journey, help clients drive traffic, increase sales and encourage brand loyalty.

Darwin Corp.
Darwin Corp.達運精密

Darwin (originally known as Forhouse) was founded in 1989. It merged with BriView in October 2014 to become the leading manufacturer of upstream and downstream industries from optical components, precision machining and tooling, and full-size backlight modules for television products and services.


Daxin Materials Corp.
Daxin Materials Corp.達興材料

Daxin Materials Corp. specializes in chemical materials innovations in the manufacturing of LCD panels.

  • Provides advanced chemical materials especially in the front-end process areas, such as, TFT array, cell assembly and color filter.
  • Actively developing chemical materials for applications in solar cell, light-emitting-diode (LED) and touch panel.


Lextar Electronics Corp.
Lextar Electronics Corp.隆達電子

Lextar Electronics Corp. is a leader in the LED lighting industry.

  • A top-tier marketer and manufacturer of super high brightness light emitting diodes (LED) wafers, chips, packaging technologies and applications.
  • Positioned as the proprietary manufacturer of the opto-mechanical LED modules and LED light source and luminaire. With the advantage of vertical integration and leading technologies.


Qisda Corp.
Qisda Corp.佳世達科技

Qisda Corp. delivers high quality, innovative and timely solutions for 5C products.

  • World’s third largest LCD monitor ODM and second largest projector ODM
  • ODM/OEM of electronics products and hardware-software integration for consumer, commercial, industrial, medical & lifestyle applications.
  • Innovative product design and globally recognized industrial design capabilities.


U-Fresh Technology

U-Fresh Technology was founded by professionals from chemical engineering, electrical engineering and environmental engineering with senior plant operation experience. The company provides customers with sustainable solutions through the turnkey output of water treatment and intelligent control technologies.

Raydium Semiconductor Corp.
Raydium Semiconductor Corp.瑞鼎科技

Raydium Semiconductor Corp. is a leading fables IC design company.

  • Specializes in the design, development, marketing and sales of a wide range of ICs for display applications and power management applications.
  • Products include display drivers, timing controllers, power management ICs, LED drivers, touch panel controllers, and EEPROM.



Space4Money takes cloud services as the core, cooperating with innovation partners to provide solutions of clicks and mortar to retail sites. The company aims to create more enjoyable purchase experiences for store and business owners and consumers.