AUO believes that a company must take economic, environmental and social aspects into consideration to achieve sustainable development. AUO uses the Board of Directors and committees to promote sustainable conduct under a policy of balancing corporate development and profitability with long-term investment in environmental protection and social concern. AUO uses a variety of channels to interact with our nine key stakeholders and a corporate sustainability report is published every year to disclose our sustainability performance.


Since 2010, AUO has been named a constituent stock of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We will continue to uphold the three pillars of “Passion & Professionalism”, “Execution & Excellence”, “Caring for Society” that define the core values of AUO in the implementation of “sustainable development” so that AUO can become an outstanding sustainable enterprise.

Goal and Policy
Goal and Policy

• Goal & Policy


• Risk Management

• Safety Management

• BOD & Committee

• Election & Qualification

• Board Resolutions

Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection

• Green Product Design

• Green Production

• Water Recycling

• Certified Green Fabs

• Act on Climate Change

Social Contribution
Social Contribution

• Talent Cultivation

• Caring for Society

• Science Education

• Environment Care

• BenQ Foundation

Heritage Preservation

• ShanTou Village in Xiamen

• Sidadun Kiln in Taichung

• Quatang Barns in Suzhou

Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement

• Dialog with Stakeholders

• Employees & Partners

• Organization Membership

Report & Certificate
Report & Certificate

• Corporate Social Responsibility Report

• Fab Environmental Certificate

• AUO Green Story