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Product Information

To view each type of product application and their specifications, please click on the Display Applications and Models or visit for solar product information.


Product Warranty

AUO’s product warranty service is only applicable to system vendors who make bulk purchases of LCD panels from AUO. We are unable to provide support for individual users of terminal products.
Please contact your retailer for support if the LCD panel of a product you purchased has failed.


Doing Display Business with AUO

South Asia
Australia, New Zealand
Other countries


Doing Solar Business with AUO

Please visit for contact information.


Investor Relations

You may wish to refer to the Stock Affairs Department of Taishin Bank for more information or contact Investor Services at AUO by e-mail. The AUO annual report can be downloaded from the Market Observation Post System website


All job openings at AUO can be found through the Job Search section of this website. For other questions please contact Human Resources Division.


To become an AUO merchant partner, please contact the AUO Welfare Committee.

If you wish to collaborate or network with the AUO IT Department please contact the AUO IT Department.

For other questions, please visit the Supplier Support section for more information.

Media or Marketing Services
Stakeholders ( CSR-related )

You may wish to visit the Corporate Sustainability page first to learn about AUO’s strategies and policies on corporate governance, environmental protection, and social welfare. You can also refer to the AUO Sustainability Report from previous years to learn about our performance on issues of public interest. To contact us directly, please use

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