Culture Preservation

The Suzhou Industrial Park, where AUO’s Suzhou site is situated, was formerly a town named Quatang with around 20,000 inhabitants. The Loujiang River, running through the place, used to be an important channel for the delivery of rations and forage, which were stored in the many round shaped barns alongside the Loujiang River. The barns were masterpieces of ancient craftsmanship from the Qing Dynasty, built with glutinous rice, dirt and straw.


When AUO started factory construction in 2001, the two Quatang barns within the factory area were preserved. After renovation, the barns, adjoining front square and surrounding lawn seem to have created a world of its own, forming a fascinating contrast with the huge modern factory building. Alongside the barns, AUO built a gallery and reception house called “Yeo Yuan Ju” with wishes for visitors to win friendship and prosper. In the barns, traditional farm tools and articles of daily necessity of the Jiangnan area are demonstrated, giving new interpretation to the age-old symbols.


AUO Water 2020
The Quatang barns located in AUO’s Suzhou site were built with glutinous rice, dirt and straw. Warm in winter and cool in summer, the barns were used to store rations and forage in the past.
Heritage Suzhou
A reception house called “Yeo Yuan Ju” was built alongside the barns to receive guests.