Culture Preservation

At industrial parks such as in Suzhou, Xiamen and Taichung, AU Optronics is not only a pioneer in regional development, but also preservation of local relics to practice sustainability and ensure that technology and culture live in harmony.


ShanTou Village is located in the Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in Xiang-An District, Xiamen, China. It is an old rural village situated in AUO’s Xiamen site, with over 170 years of history.


AUO started its factory construction in 2006. Before then, the place had rugged terrain. With a project scope likened to mountain moving and land reclamation, the local government sent troops to flatten mountains and level the area. As a result, the distance between the highest and lowest points of the area reduced from 33 meters to merely 13 meters. Although the endeavor had been difficult, AUO was persistent in keeping the ShanTou Village’s Min-Nan architecture and the nine hundred-year-old banyan trees in the village to thrive and grow.


ShanTou Village was the original name of this village, which was a part of the larger TongMei Village. In order to preserve the ancient architecture, AUO invited skilled artisans from Quanzhou to restore the historic relics. The artisans coded the fragile parts of the architecture one by one before removing them. Having carefully restored the parts using differed methods, they put the parts together again according to their codes. Up to this day ShanTou Village still keeps its original house number plates, exhibiting the art of Min-Nan architecture and its past of agricultural lifestyle.


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ShanTou Village, located in AUO’s Xiamen site, is an ancient village with over 170 years of history.
Heritage Suzhou
“Bricks-out and Stones-in” is a unique rouge-brick art of the Min-Nan region. This masonry involves blending stones of various shapes and red bricks to make the wall sturdier, warmer in winter and cooler in summer, while lending an elegant and modest look.