Car Display Applications



AUO is one of the world’s leading providers of car displays solutions. We offer a full range of car displays featuring high resolution, wide color gamut, wide viewing angle, low reflection, fast response time under low temperature and high weather resistance.


AUO has accumulated profound strengths in the making of high-end car displays, for applications ranging from instrument cluster, center information display (CID), rear-view mirror, HUD (head-up display) to in-car entertainment system.. We also provide displays integrated with free-form, curved design, large-sized panel lamination, AUO’s AmLED (Adaptive Mini LED) display technology with the direct-lit mini LED backlight and In-Cell Touch solutions. AUO is capable of supporting all kinds of vehicle telematics and advanced driver assistance systems with its full array of car display solutions, so that drivers can easily retrieve all sorts of car information to significantly increase safety, and passengers can also enjoy a variety of entertainment systems with ease.


* Features and spec are subject to change, please contact us for more information.

HUD/ CID / Cluster Display/ Mirror Display

Applications Model Resolution (pixel) Brightness (cd/m2) Contrast Ratio
HUD 1.8" 480 x 240 Cell Transmittance : 5.7% 1000:1
HUD 3.14" 800 x 480 Cell Transmittance: 8% 1500:1
CID 10.25" (w/ iTP) 920 x 720 800 1400:1
CID 12.3" (w/ iTP) 1920 x 720 800 1400:1
CID 14.5” (w/ iTP) 1600 x 2560 800 1400:1
Cluster 7" 800 x 480 650 1200:1
Cluster 10.25" 1920 x 720 800 1400:1
Cluster 12.3" 1920 x 720 800 1400:1
Mirror 8.8" 1280 x 256 3500 1000:1