Product Features




AUO ultra-high-resolution curved display

enables ultra-wide-angle, realistic and panoramic immersive experience


The curved design fits the viewing habits of human eyes. Curved LCD TV can offer wider viewing angles and immersive viewing experience. It also delivers more consistent. It also delivers consistently clear and undistorted images. There are no visual differences regardless of the viewer’s viewing angle to create exceptional audio visual entertainment. It also helps reduce viewer fatigue from focusing on the screen for long periods of time. The curved screen shows obvious contrast next to its conventional counterparts in its design, accentuating its differentiated feature. Furthermore, AUO’s proprietary ultra-thin curved backlight technology also greatly reduces the thickness of the module and incorporates the local dimming function to the requirements of image quality with ultra-slim design.


Optimized curvatures based on the required viewing angle and usage, making sure every viewing position is a great one

For different product applications, AUO can offer different curvatures based on the required viewing angle or usage to create free viewing experiences. AUO has developed curved gaming monitor displays that create an unprecedented immersive and panoramic experience for gamers. Curved displays for car applications can be tailored to the streamlined vehicle interior to all-encompassing stylish design, representing complete information to the drivers.



Illustration of Curved Panel




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