Enviromental Protection

Green Product Design

AUO is actively developing green, low-carbon products. This includes the introduction of recycled materials, the simplification of the masking process to optimize resource use, and continued improvements of transmittance to reduce energy consumption on the user’s end. Take the UHD 4K panel product for example, proprietary AUO technology was used to improve the transmittance, combined with LED and buck converter, which resulted in improvement to energy efficiency.


Green Packaging and Low-carbon Transportation

AUO is committed to the development of sustainable logistics routes. We offer custom low-carbon routing as an option while satisfying the customer’s delivery deadline. For packaging, AUO is reducing carbon emissions from product packaging by improving the packaging recycling rate, expanding the use of eco-friendly materials, and adopting new packaging designs. Our innovative packaging designs have been repeatedly recognized by international awards such as the “iF Design Award”, the Industry Development Bureau’s “Golden Pin Design Award” and the China Packstar Award.


For further details, please refer to Green Production & Products in AUO CSR Report.