Safety Culture

The three components of the AUO Safety Culture is Attitude, Behavior, and Culture.


To imbue this safety culture in all employees, “Safety Enhancement for All Staff" was set as one of the five B2B spindles. Top executives led employees in signing the “Safety Starts with Me” declaration. All employees are expected to fulfill their role in safety regardless of their position and work together to achieve the vision of Zero-Accident.

Targets and themes are defined every year for AUO Safety Culture. Annual targets are then converted into internal control indicators at each plant to build a quality safety culture at AUO through total participation.


Workplace Safety and Health

System management (AUO has gained OHSAS 18001 certification and CNS15506 (TOSHMS) certification) and source management is emphasized for safety and health at AUO. Factory loss prevention guidelines and equipment safety specifications are aligned with international standards from the start of construction. The “High-risk Equipment Safety Certification” scheme has also been introduced at newly constructed fabs. Equipment identified as being high-risk are required to meet the SEMI Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Industry safety guidelines and CE Conformité Européenne、MD  Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requirements. The introduction of the whole-machine safety certification system is intended to realize source management and protect employee safety.


Procedures of "High-risk Equipment Safety Certification"


Procedures of "High-risk Equipment Safety Certification"



  • About AUO Life Saving Rules

For the work safety of employees, we have considered the techniques adopted by the DuPont Corporation well-known for its culture of safety, the root causes of numerous domestic and international safety accidents, and the internal abnormal incidents of the company to establish the “AUO Life Saving Rules” in order to serve as the basic safety principles for the compliance of all employees, which include a total of nine provisions:


  1. No changing or by-passing any safety devices without authorization by AUO.

  2. No contacting any rotating or moving parts directly or indirectly unless SOP is followed.

  3. No operating machine and equipment beyond your job responsibility without proper authorization by AUO.

  4. No operating specific machines and equipments or engaging any specific work without the specific licenses required by AUO.

  5. No overriding dangerous work without permission unless SOP is followed.

  6. Every one shall wear PPE in accordance with SOPs.

  7. Fall protection measures shall be taken before removing panels of air return slab(Incl. Raised access floor, lids of cheese/wafer slab).

  8. No instigating any violations of Life Saving Rules.

  9. Every incident shall be reported.


In addition to the basic safety standards for the Life Saving Rules, AUO Optronics also establishes the safety requirements for different operations, provided to employees for compliance and to ensure operational safety.

  • Operating risks classification control

To meet the production demands of the panel industry, various types of gases, chemicals, production machineries and equipment, pipelines are necessary for use, and maintenance is required to be performed periodically. The internal operating manpower of the plant is mostly concentrated in the clean rooms and a portion of the operations require the execution by entrusted contractors. We classify the different types of operations according to the operation risks into: the general operations, dangerous operations, high-risk & special hazardous operations and Business Impact Work. The management mechanism is established according to the operating risks, and procedures are established to periodically review the appropriateness of the control process.

  • Personnel exposure protection and operating environment monitoring

With regard to the environment monitoring for plant operations, in addition to rigorous and timely monitoring, we also perform operation environmental tests once every half year in order to understand the possible exposure risks of plant operators and to prevent the occurrence of health hazards to employees (since the office area is not subject to special hazards, only CO2 and illuminance are monitored).


To provide a better working environment to employees and to achieve the objective of environmental protection, rigorous examination measures are established for the introduction of new chemicals. The important factors of the existing chemicals are reviewed and managed according to the health hazardous level, one by one. Electronic system management is further developed in order to achieve the control objectives of warning and information obtaining. We will continue to promote the CMR free (Carcinogenicity, Mutagenicity and Reproductive Toxicity substances) to prevent the introduction of chemicals containing CMR substances in order to ensure the health of employees. For similar CMR substances already in use, alternative reduction plans are adopted to reduce the risk of personnel’s exposure to the minimum.

  • Fire extinguished & evacuation training, provide correct fire extinguishing and escape knowledge

The benefits of employees’ correct knowledge on fire extinguishing and evacuation can be applied to both the workplaces and daily lives. In addition to inviting domestic fire prevention experts to provide seminars in the plant, we have also adjusted the internal fire prevention training organization methods of the company in order to enhance the escape and fire extinguishing counter-measure abilities of employees. In addition to the evacuation drills conducted twice a year, we have also increased the reality of the fire extinguisher operation training in the fire prevention training conducted once per year, such as increasing the oil amount for a greater fire, in order to allow employees to experience a relatively real scenario. Furthermore, we have also increased the course training by teaching employees how to use the stop-lie down-roll method to reduce injuries in case one accidentally catches on fire in order to protect personal safety.

AUO Water 2020


  • Incident Commander training and Emergency response drills in order to prevent expansion of losses.

For accidents possibly occurring in the panel industry, such as earthquake, fire, chemical substance leakage, toxic gas leakage, natural disasters, accidental interrupts of water, electricity, air conditioning public systems etc., detailed emergency handling procedures and after-disaster recovery plans are established. incident commander of emergency response training is also provided to the plant senior supervisors in order to allow the supervisors to be equipped with the incident  commander abilities and the relevant professional knowledge.


To allow all employees to be equipped with the Emergency response abilities and to become familiar with the relevant processes, AUO Optronics organizes small-scale drills based on the unit of department and large-scale drills based on the unit of plant section annually in order to establish the goal for all employees to be equipped with the Emergency response abilities. The sections for drill include the cleaning room, facility affairs areas, all laboratories, cafeteria and kitchen, employee dormitory and transportation vehicles, etc.

  • Earthquake prevention

With regard to the challenges of large disasters (such as earthquakes) that commonly occur in Taiwan, AUO Optronics have ensured that the aseismic capacity of the building complies with the Seismic Design Specifications of Buildings by the Ministry of Interior, and a portion of the plant site has been reinforced with structural shock absorbing dampers in order to reduce the hazards caused by earthquakes. Necessary shock resisting security measures are also performed on the production equipment machineries, pipelines, etc. in order to ensure that during the occurrence of an earthquake, personnel injuries due to the moving equipment or falling objects can be prevented.

AUO Water 2020




Employee Healthcare

The health of our employees is important to AUO. In addition to promoting health awareness among employees, AUO also employs medical specialists and certified nurse to look after the physical and mental well-being of our employees. Health promotion programs are organized along the principle of self health management. AUO also provides tailored healthcare to special groups such as employees who are pregnant, recently gave birth or are breast-feeding, and high-risk employees with health anomalies. To improve employee health, AUO partners with health specialists to regularly assess employee health risks, practice tiered management and engage in health promotion.


Food safety has been a serious topic in Taiwan in recent years. To provide employees with “peace of mind” on food, food safety management is practiced by the employee cafeterias of AUO's Taiwan plants. A complete set of cafeteria management rules have been defined and healthy menus based on enforcing strict low sugar, low oil and low salt standards introduced to help employees developing healthy diet. Caterer hygiene, food preparation processes and tool hygiene must comply with the requirements of the “Food Good Hygienic Practices”. All plant cafeterias received the HM (Hygiene Monitored) certification in 2015 after passing on-site audits and food sample testing.


Food Safety System


Food Safety System



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