AUO Chairman & CEO Paul Peng Honored with Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards for the Responsible Business Leadership Category
AUO Selected for “Global Lighthouse Network” and Leads the Charge on 4IR Transformation in Manufacturing
Established AUO-NTU Joint Research Center at National Taiwan University to stimulate comprehensive research on display and sensing technology.
AUO obtains Taiwan's first ISO 46001 water resource efficiency management system certification
Established AUO Display Plus to Seize booming market opportunities of the field economy to accelerate value chain extension


The AUO Museum of Sidadun Klin officially unveiled by Taichung City Mayor Shiow-yen Lu and AUO Chairman Paul Peng


Named to DJSI World Index for the 10th consecutive year


“AUO Micro Gallery” grand opening at 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition
AUO's Micro LED and multiple advanced display technologies honored with 2018 SID Best in Show Award


Launched AUO Global Research Center (GRC)
Completed solar power plant at AUO Lungke Site, the largest number of utility-scale solar power plants achieved in Taiwan


AUO Kunshan G6 LTPS fab began mass production
AUO Kunshan G6 LTPS fab garnered LEED Platinum Certification
AUO merged its subsidiary Taiwan CFI
AUO Kunshan G6 LTPS LCD fab successfully lighted up its first 5.5-inch Full HD display


Taiwan's first locally designed and integrated process water full-recycling system at AUO Lungtan Site
"Dada's Magic Land"donated by AUO grand opening at National Museum of Natural Science


AUO Taichung Site obtained Taiwan’s first certification in environmental education site
AUO CSR report acquired Taiwan's first GRI G4 certificate among the manufacturing industry
AUO initiated new model of solar power plant operation by founding Star River Energy Corporation


AUO Headquarters obtained the certification of Carbon Neutral Building
AUO's G8.5 Fab in Houli received Taiwan's first Diamond Certification for Green Factory Building
AUO presented Taiwan's first Zero Liquid Discharge Solution
AUO listed among top 100 green companies in China for four consecutive years


AUO obtained world's first ISO 14045 Eco-efficiency Assessment of Product Systems Verification
AUO garnered SID's Gold Award of 2012 Display of the Year