Social Contribution

The BenQ Group has always believed that managing a business is more than just about turning a profit. It is also a steadfast commitment to the land and people.


In November 2003, the BenQ Group established the “BenQ Foundation” to extend the Group vision of “Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to Life” to Taiwanese society. The BenQ Foundation played the role of the catalyst and used the core value of "Caring for Society” as a starting point to bring people together. This was then turned into a force for promoting self-development and positivity as well as for communicating truth, goodness and beauty.


Where the mission of the BenQ Group is to provide an enjoyable lifestyle to all mankind, the long-term vision of the BenQ Foundation to discover the beauty of Taiwan represents a tangible way for a business to give back to society.


The followings are four objectives of community service to which AUO and BenQ Foundation are dedicated.

  • To bridge the gap in digital life
  • To encourage intelligence with integrity character
  • To encourage original art and cultural heritage
  • To care and concern for the natural environment