Social Contribution

AUO invests large amounts of time and resources towards fulfilling of our corporate social responsibility to uphold our philosophy of giving back to society. We believe that social commitment should be a part of such corporate responsibility. AUO has developed a sustainable CSR strategy based on our core values. In addition to the active promotion of social welfare activities as well as organizing and encouraging employee participation, we also form partnerships with other non-profit organizations to channel our combined resources into giving back to society and expanding our influence on social values.

Christmas Wish project

The AUO Christmas Wish project started in 2002 as an initiative by AUO charity clubs and employees. Voluntary donations by employees help give children from disadvantaged families a different Christmas. More than 8,000 disadvantaged children from rural areas and social welfare organizations have received Christmas gifts and study aid for more than a decade. Christmas Wish project has so far covered Taoyuan, Miaoli, Hsinchu, Taichung and Taitung.

Volunteer clubs

AUO established six charity clubs at its Taiwan sites in 2013. Employees regularly volunteer at nearby social welfare organizations to provide companionship, clean-ups and mentoring. Beneficiaries included children taken into emergency care by social services, handicapped children and school dropouts. In addition to the regular service visits, students from the institutions are invited to attend the annual Family Day as well.

Charity Donations

AUO is continuing to help build a better society through donations of money, goods, products or collaborative projects. In 2007, AUO partnered with another group company to donate the “Ming-Da Hall” for the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University to help cultivate outstanding students and tech talents for Taiwan. In 2009, AUO joined other group companies in donating NT$100 million in disaster relief after the Typhoon Morakot. The “88 Flood Relief” team was also set up to supervise the use of funds. In 2010, AUO and the BenQ Foundation donated the “Solar Green Leaf Pavilion” to Chang-an Elementary School. This was the first pavilion in Taichung to combine solar power, education, campus landscaping and public art.