Social Contribution

AUO has long striven to balance business development with environmental protection. We have continued to support and take direct action on public interest activities on looking after the land.

Environmental Education Facility at Taichung Site

AUO Taichung site received “Environmental Education Facility” certification from the Environmental Protection Administration in 2014. The energy-saving green fab, environmentally friendly development, use of renewable energies and cultural characteristics made it the first environmental education venue set up by the manufacturing industry in Taiwan. Two outdoor education courses titled “Where’s DADA” and “DADA’s Magical Dadu Mountain Journey” based on theme of “science and humanities” were developed. Family camps, rural school invitations and workshops were also launched. AUO even organized summer camps in partnership with nearby Taichung Metropolitan Park. The ideals and mission of environmental protection as well as identification with the land was cultivated internationally and promoted externally through diversified channels. AUO hoped this will encourage more local schools, communities and environmental education facilities to join us in working towards a sustainable environment.

AUO GreenArk Water Resource Showroom of Lungtan Site

The AUO environmental education team used the process water full-recycling solution at the Lungtan site as the basis as well as the “AUO GreenArk Water Resource Showroom” to develop an easy-to-understand environmental education unit for elementary school students in higher years. Group activities, hands-on experiments and teacher-led group discussions were used to convey the preciousness of water resources and the scientific principles behind AUO’s process water full-recycling system.


AUO will continue to refine our course content to take advantage of our resources and strength in environmental education so that we can become the leading enterprise in this field.

Green Party

AUO and the BenQ Foundation co-organized the “Green Party” bringing AUO Group volunteers and their families from all around the world together for tree planting. Over one million trees have been planed around the world since the event was first held in 2008. Having all employees participate directly in tree planting to reduce carbon emissions and fulfill our green commitment is AUO’s way of doing our part for the sustainable development of Taiwan.

Supporting Taiwanese Agricultural Products- Group Purchasing

To show our support for Taiwanese agriculture, AUO began promoting the “Taiwan Uno Fresh” program in 2008 to purchase over 20 agricultural products directly from farmers. Employees are encouraged to use local and seasonal agricultural produce where possible to support the development of Taiwanese agriculture through direct action. This also helps to effectively save energy and cut carbon emissions by reducing the distance food has to travel. AUO has extended the “Taiwan Uno Fresh” concept to the ingredients used by employee cafeterias and shareholder gifts. We also organized group buys and charity adoption of agricultural produce to encourage more people to choose local ingredients.

Farmland Adoption

AUO has been collaborating with the BenQ Foundation since 2008 on “My Farmland” project. A contract growing arrangement is set up with farmers to protect their income. Employees are also invited to become farming volunteers to show their support for local agriculture through direct action. In collaboration with the farmers in Hsinchu and Changhua, a total of 50 hectares were adopted. This encourages farmers to continue using environmentally-friendly methods of cultivation.