Social Contribution

AUO has long been committed to the cultivation of scientific talent. We actively support popular science education on optoelectronics . To inspire student interest in science, AUO applied our optoelectronics expertise to the organization of science camps. We also donated the “DADA’s Magic Land” exhibit to the National Museum of Natural Science to boost student interest in learning about scientific knowledge through hands-on experience. They can then apply what they learned to everyday life and enjoy the fun of science.

DADA’s Magic Land

AUO has collaborated with the National Museum of Natural Science on the building of a learning site for opto-electronics principles since 2009. The exhibition was expanded and renamed “DADA’s Magic Land” in 2015 with the magic of science as its theme. Fantastic animations and devices are used to give a lively presentation of optoelectronics principles and display applications. Since its opening in 2015, the Magic Land has attracted over 1,652 volunteers providing service for over 4,134 hours. The longstanding cooperation between AUO and the Museum included the organizing of innovative themed events and volunteer training at DADA’s Magic Land including “Junior Tour Guide Camp” and “DADA Summer Fun.” These allowed more employees, their families and the general public to participate in Magic Land activities. AUO hopes this will make popular science education a part of everyday life and inspire children's boundless imagination on the world of science.


Optoelectronics Science Camp

AUO has been cooperating with the National Museum of Natural Science and the Yuan T. Lee Foundation Science Education for All since December 2016 to organize a one-day “DADA’s Magic Science Camp” for junior high school students who won the Honest-Intelligent Scholarship in the hope of inspiring their interest in science. Over 550 students from more than 140 junior high schools in Taichung, Hsinchu, and Taoyuan have applied for the camp.


Through the assessment of Social Return on Investment (SROI) quantification method, each $1 scholarship invested by AUO in the "Dada Magic Science Camp" can create a social value of 9.12 times and bring positive influence to the society. More information please refer to SROI IMPACT REPORT.