Micro LED Display



New Generation of LED Displays
AUO has been devoted to the development of advanced display technology. In the early years, AUO has already invested in micro LED technology; and in 2021, AUO is launching its series of ALED displays. By adopting the mass transfer process technology, the active matrix LTPS backplane process, and driving circuit design, AUO has succeeded in transferring millions of micro LEDs onto a LTPS backplane to reach the industry’s highest pixel density, offering images with high dynamic contrast and high color saturation. With its flexibility and high weather resistance, AUO’s latest micro LED displays can be easily applied to different designs of automotive and wearable devices.



Vivid Images for High Value-added Applications

AUO strives to introduce its micro LED technology to automotive applications. AUO’s micro LED automotive displays utilize color conversion technology and feature high weather resistance and stability. Along with high brightness LED, these displays can clearly present traffic information to drivers even under bright sunlight or different temperatures to ensure safety. Such displays can be applied to automotive dashboards or CIDs (Center Information Displays).






Free-form Design for Increased Flexibility

AUO also focuses on developing different forms of micro LED displays to satisfy diversified needs. For example, AUO’s large size flexible micro LED displays can satisfy the demand of fitting Central Information Displays (CIDs) to interior shape with the S-shaped design; the company’s round-shaped displays can be used as the electronic knobs for CIDs. Furthermore, with flexibility and resolution surpassing retina displays, these displays can also be considered for wearable applications. 


Transparency for Diversified Applications

Micro LED technology is also perfect for transparent display applications. Transparent micro LED displays can be adopted for AR applications thanks to its high brightness and high transparency, or for window displays which allow drivers to receive information without having to look way from the roads. For medical use, these displays enable doctors to obtain information from the displays during operations without obstruction. AUO hopes to encourage more resources devoted to the micro LED industry, and to provide the ultimate micro LED displays to enrich people’s future lifestyle.

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