Seamless Tiled LED Display



Infinite Visuals for a Stunning Viewing Experience
AUO’s proprietary ALED displays, with self-illuminating pixels, can achieve high pixel density and image quality with vivid colors better than NTSC 100% (wide color gamut). AUO’s ALED technology boasts exquisite detail and ultra-high dynamic contrast through high resolution, high pixel density, high brightness, and high frame rate. Featuring high efficiency, excellent reliability, and self-illumination, AUO’s ALED technology also comes with the benefits of power saving, simplified and slim mechanical design, as well as a long product lifetime, suitable for diversified consumer electronics applications ranging from large commercial signage, entertainment, TVs, automotive displays to wearable devices.

Through modular design, AUO’s ALED displays can be assembled into giant signage or curved screens as desired. The LED walls, capable of showing immersive visual impact and realistic 3D effect, will be the most up-to-date perfect choice for department stores, malls, high-end business spaces or enterprise war rooms. On the other hand, while traveling is still difficult in the post-pandemic era, the LED walls can also be assembled to construct the virtual sets locally for filming or training simulations.





Perfection from Fine-pitch Technology and Ultra High Contrast
AUO debuts its modular ALED displays which feature a pixel pitch as small as P1.25 and ultra high frame rate. Thanks to the self-emitting structure, more vivid colors and ultra high contrast can be realized, giving viewers lifelike images with exquisite picture quality.




A New Vision through Seamless and Modular Design

With the seamless design, ALED displays can be assembled into signage or screens of any sizes or ratios such as curved and L-shape, to create virtual scenes full of boundless imagination. Besides being used to play advertisements and films in retail venues or theaters, such displays are also perfect for commercial filmmaking, by replacing the traditional set construction or green screens with seamless, changeable, and vibrant images, tremendously lowering the production time and cost.

Accuracy and Possibilities for Training Simulations

For example, AUO’s ALED displays can also be assembled to build large curved simulated scenario for sports car racing. The virtual scenario displayed on the curved assembly, complemented by the 6-axis dynamic driver’s seat, creates a more immersive experience for the driver and decreases the risk and cost of trainings. AUO’s ALED displays are a perfect choice for different kinds of sports training and simulations.