Lifelike Visuals for Gaming Enthusiasts and Professionals

AUO AmLED (Adaptive mini LED technology) takes mini LED to a new level. Powered by exclusive Adaptive Control Technology, AmLED enables precise adjustment of brightness, contrast ratio, colors and refresh rate in real time based on the images, achieving revolutionary performance in professional gaming and creator displays. AmLED boasts HDR 1000, with peak brightness exceeding 1000 nits, revealing a high million-to-one dynamic contrast ratio.


Enhanced Brightness and Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Through more accurate local dimming effect, the peak brightness exceeds 1000 nits, which is twice higher than OLED panels, creating an overall brighter image, and greatly expanding the luminance range between darkest and brightest visuals. Either dark or bright, AmLED presents every amazingly delicate detail.


AmLED displays detailed dark image areas



Detailed bright image sections can’t be missed


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