Global Recruitment Strategy

In pursuit of an excellent enterprise with sustainable operation, AUO draws up a forward-looking recruitment plan based on the medium and long-term strategy in the aspect of the own operations, new business, and key positions. AUO is also responding to the digital transformation by integrating hardware, software, cloud and service platforms in order to extend our core business to a variety of new smart fields. This has in turn spurred demand for "3A talent":


• Advanced Technology: Talent for R&D on pioneering display technologies
• AIoT: Talent for smart manufacturing and big data analytics
• Application of fields: Talent for software/firmware integration and development


Through a fair and just recruitment and selection mechanism, AUO creates a friendly workplace environment with equal rights between the sexes, featuring multi-cultural integration and cross-generation.

Thus, AUO ranked on Forbes World's Best Employers list in 2020.



Recruitment Process


Job Search
Please search for a suitable opening under “Latest Jobs” then submit your resume directly.


Resume screening
Your application will be screened on the basis of education, professional skills and work experience. Suitable candidates will be contacted by phone to arrange for an interview. If no suitable openings are currently available, your details will be entered into the AUO Human Resources Database. You will then be contacted when a suitable opening appears.


We will arrange for you to undergo English and adaptive testing before the interview; the interview will consist of a meeting with the manager. You can use this opportunity to learn more about the nature of the position and the AUO system; you will be notified of the result by phone or e-mail within 14 working days of the interview.


Acceptance and registration
Candidates accepted through the rigorous interview process will be notified by phone. A letter of acceptance will also be sent by e-mail. Welcome to AUO. Let’s build the future together.



Contact Us

For recruitment-related matters, please call 0809-098800 or leave a message here.