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Business Customer


What products does AUO offer? /

Is any product information available on the website? /

Where to buy?

I purchased from an AUO distributor. Can I request the warranty letters, certificates or other related documents directly from AUO?

If you are buying from a distributor, please contact your distributor to request the warranty letters, certificates, or other related documents from AUO.


I’d like to become an AUO distributor in my area. Who can I contact?

Please select  the product(s) you’d like to purchase for resale and leave a message:

Personal Customer / End-user
The screen of my TV / monitor / tablet / mobile phone is out of order. Can I buy a replacement directly from AUO?

As a TFT-LCD panel manufacturer, AUO does not provide services directly to end-users. You may contact your distributor for after-sales service and assistance. 


Do I get product warranty services directly from AUO?

AUO provides warranties only to the system integrators who purchase directly from AUO instead of end-users. If your screen is out of order, please contact your distributor for after-sales service.


I am a shareholder of AUO.  Where can I find AUO annual reports? Who do I contact?

You may refer to the Stock Affairs Department of Taishin Bank for more information or download the AUO annual reports from Market Observation Post System. You may also click here to leave a message to Shareholder Services.


Where can I get AUO’s financial reports?

The AUO annual reports can be downloaded from Market Observation Post System or you may click here to leave a message to Investor Services.


How do I apply for a position at AUO?

Please search available jobs at AUO and apply via “Contact Taiwan


I used to work at AUO. How do I apply for proof of employment?

Please click here to contact Human Resource.


Have other questions about employment?

Please click here to contact Human Resource.


Supplier (Become a Supplier)
How to become your supplier?

Please visit the webpage “AUO B2B Procurement Platform” or click here to register.


How to become an AUO partner to provide services for employee welfare?

To become an AUO partner for employee welfare, please contact the AUO Welfare Committee.


Who can contact for providing IT related services to AUO?

If you wish to collaborate or network with the AUO IT Department, please contact the AUO IT Department.


Who can I contact for media interviews?

Please contact the Corporate Marketing Division.


Stakeholders (CSR-related)
How to learn about your plan for corporate sustainability?

You may visit the Corporate Sustainability page first to learn about AUO’s strategies and policies on corporate governance, environmental protection, and social welfare. 


How has AUO performed in corporate sustainability? 

You can refer to the AUO Sustainability Reports to learn about our performance in issues of public interest.


Who can I contact for other questions?

Please email your questions to


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