At the frontier of innovation,
infinite possibilities await.

Amid the accelerating global trend of digital transformation, innumerable radically new technologies, applications, solutions, and more are emerging every day.


At AUO, we’re determined to make the most of these opportunities, and help our clients, partners, and wider society to achieve their visions for the future.


We’re committed to the development of major business areas including Display, System Solutions, Industrial Intelligence, Healthcare, and Energy.

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Come Explore a World of Opportunity.

We see the potential that frontier innovation brings to the world. With us being at the forefront, AUO’s expertise, technologies, and resources are allowing the creation of limitless possibilities that are waiting to be unfolded for smart and sustainable living.

How We Help You
Tap Into The Possibilities


Access world-leading technical expertise by leveraging AUO’s global teams. Not only a manufacturing powerhouse, we have hands-on experience across a wide range of verticals, innovating cutting-edge technologies and solutions for smart mobility, industrial intelligence, energy, retail, healthcare, as well as enterprise and education.


When you partner with AUO, you gain insights into the frontier of innovation. Our proprietary technologies cover display applications, component manufacturing processes, software development, and integrated solutions featuring advances in AI and cloud applications. With more than 23,000 patents, and more under application, AUO is a leading global innovator.


Working with AUO gives you access to the considerable resources we have amassed since 1996, both tangible and intangible. Our decades of relationship building across specialisms, numerous research facilities, world-leading technical knowhow, and wide-ranging industrial experience are just a few examples of the assets at our fingertips.

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