A happy and inclusive workplace

We believe that promoting the health of employees' bodies and minds indicates whether a company can thrive and go sustainable. Therefore, we strive to create an environment that enables our employees to experience balance in body, mind, and spirit and to meet job applicants' imaginations and expectations for their life at AUO.


Innovative initiatives to improve health

    • Our “Wellness Center” provides personal guidance on health assessment to
      ensure health.

    • We hold a variety of health improvement activities, such as women’s health care and weight loss competition, making it easier for all employees to stay healthy and engaging.

    • We organize both online and physical “Sports Season” to build team spirit toward a common goal through group competitions.
    • There are seven “Fitness Centers” in Taiwan, gym facilities, aerobics classrooms, and an ideal court for all sorts of ball games. The gyms also provide trainers’ guidance services to employees, making sports and fitness more accessible after work.


  • AUO has built a department-level staff canteen, providing a variety of dining options that have been certified by SGS health certification.


Activities to bring positive energy

    • AUO has more than 100 clubs organized by employees that help employees put their multiple talents to use and realize their slash careers.


  • We hold annual family day and Sports day to encourage all employees to join and enjoy quality family time.



    • We regularly arrange “Art of Living” art and culture lectures during working hours to help employees release stress and broaden their horizons.


  • We create a comfortable space called “Book City” with the coffee shop's ambiance for employees to recharge and enrich their knowledge.


Achieve the need for self-actualization

    • Our sustainability foundation establishes a complete volunteer system to meet diversified social care service needs.


    • We have been committed to social care by establishing charity clubs in seven major office locations to form a long-term and solid relationships with local communities and support underprivileged groups.


  • We care about sustainability. We organize annual tree planting and protection events while conducting energy-saving and carbon-reduction activities to make concerted efforts to protect the earth.
    • We attach great importance to environmental education. By setting up environmental education venues in the factory, we encourage all employees to contribute their talents and expertise to popularize science and technology.


  • We fulfill our obligation of cultural preservation by building the “Museum of Sidadun Kiln” as the base to train volunteer docents to pass culture on to future generations.